Hoob Mars Mini

Hoob Mars Mini

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$399.99 CAD
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The hoob mars mini is miniature version of the original and taller model by the Russia brand. With its unique and simplistic design, this shisha produces large clouds of thick white smoke full of flavour. Pleasing to the eye while outperforming many of the standard pipes on the market. Great hookah for those who tend to travel as the stem itself can be disassembled to fit any bag or luggage. The Mini Mars is manufactured with high quality anodized aluminum and includes all the necessity accessories required for a full set. New features include magnetic lock hose ports.

In The Box 

The Complete Kit includes:

  • Genuine Hoob Stem
  • Glass Bottom
  • Space Grey Silicone & Aluminum Hose Handle 
  • Submersible LED Lights with Remote Controller
  • Grommet and Seal Kit


Space grey stem with stainless steel downstem pipe and glass base.

  • Stem-to-Base Connection
  • Height: 27 Inches
  • Downstem Diameter: Ø13mm;
  • Hose Connector Diameter: Ø10мм;
  • Smoke Purge Valve
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Adjustable Silencer Diffuser

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Hilmi H.
Hoob mars mini

Definitely one of the best I've owned. Upgraded from the apex mini. The magnetic hose is so nice.. smooth pipe 10/10