Crosshatch Hookah - Mexanika Smoke STM GL Geometric

Mexanika Crosshatch Hookah STM GL Geometric

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The Mexanika STM GL Crosshatch hookah is now available at Oxide Hookah. This model is made of solid stainless steel (304) and is a Russian pipe. Unique for its crosshatch design engraved in the hookah stem. This particular model stands at roughly 30 inches tall when assembled with a large base. 

Mexanika STM GL

  • All Stainless Steel Hookah Stem
  • Fits large traditional and modern hookah bases
  • Stands at 30 inches tall
  • Compatible with silicone hoses
  • Compatible with all modern bowls
  • Chimney style purge system
  • Sleek modern design
  • Made in Russia

Included With This Pipe

The GL model includes the following:

  • Stainless stem
  • Genuine tray
  • Stainless mouthpiece
  • Purge valve ball bearing
  • Base gasket

These stems do not include glass bases or hoses.