Hoob SubAtom Hookah

$189.95 CAD
$189.95 CAD $229.95 CAD

Introducing the Hoob Subatom Hookah, the newest portable and travel size hookah pipe by Russian maker. This is an amazing and uniquely designed micro size pipe that smokes like a beast. This product is approximately the size of of a coffee mug and is manufactured out of aero-grade aluminum for the chamber/cover. The down stem is manufactured out of stainless steel and includes a built in diffuser. The base is acrylic and is a perfect addition to your collection especially for the use of travelling. Pick one up today and experience quality at its best!


  • Compatible with all major silicone hoses
  • Compatible with all major bowls
  • Features a Magnetic lock feature by Hoob
  • Magnetic hose connection
  • Shockproof Acrylic base
  • Triple purge valve system
  • Silencer


  • Height: 4.72441
  • Hose Connectors: Ø10mm
  • Downstem: Ø13mm
  • Available in three finishes (Black, Vanta and Orchid)