How To Light Hookah Coals

How To Light Hookah Coals

Smoking hookah at home is a hobby we all love to enjoy! To partake in this leisure, we must know the fundamentals of preparing a pipe before we get to smoke. Understanding how to light hookah coals is essential to enjoying a session. They are the sole heating source to warm your bowl and get the shisha smoke going. Confirming that your charcoal properly ignites is critical for your smoking sessions furthermore, vital for your health and safety. Without the proper steps could lead to harsh smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. So how do you ignite these lumps of coal appropriately? Well, if you are new to this recreation, we are here to help. 

Variations of Hookah Coals

To decide how to torch your shisha coals accordingly, you must understand which type you are operating. Currently, two variations are standard within the industry of hookah. They fall under the categories of natural charcoal and quick light coals.

Natural coals contain organic components such as wood, coconut shell and other organic by-products. The result and the final product often come shaped in cubical, rectangular or finger-like formations. Organic coals also come in variations of sizes to meet the end user's needs.

Fast-lighting coals utilize some natural substances but are often coated with a chemical accelerant to ignite. They often appear to be round and capsule-like. They are also comparably produced in a variety of sizes.

Requirements For Lighting Your Coals

Depending on the coal type you are utilizing to heat your bowl, there are different methods to light them individually. We will break down how to cook them accordingly so that you get the best results.

Lighting Natural Coals

To light coals formed from organic material, the following requirements are essential:

To get the process going, let's start by finding a ventilated space to ignite your charcoal. It is necessary to do so to prevent reeking up your house and inhaling carbon monoxide. Avoid burning them in a closed area is what we are expressing. If you have a hood fan, feel free to torch them underneath while it's turned on. 

Now that we have a designated section, turn on your heating source and throw your coals onto the burner. You'll notice after roughly 5 minutes that your charcoal is starting to ash slightly and change colour. They should be light halfway after this duration of time has elapsed. When you notice this, grab your coal tongs and flip them to burn the second half. Once your coals are entirely amber, they'll be ready to use. 

It is noteworthy to recognize that natural coals require enough oxygen to stay kindled. To provide them with a sufficient amount, avoid using flat stove tops or glass tops to get them lit. Instead, use a coil version.

Igniting Quick Light Charcoal

To light fast-light coals is a straightforward process. You'll need the following:

  • Ventilated area
  • Cigarette lighter or torch
  • Tongs

The process for torching these shouldn't take too long as they are called quick lights for a reason. Again, find a designated space to burn these. Once you've done so, grasp the coals with your tongs and torch them with a lighter. You'll notice that they will begin to spark. Once they cease to spark, blow on them to guarantee that they are amber. Now that they are red and have a slight coating of ash, you know they are prepared!

Lighting Charcoal For Hookah

If you are new to smoking shisha, following these steps will assist you in igniting your coals in no time. A fundamental takeaway is to ensure that your coals ignite in a spacious area with ventilation. Also, avoid burning yourself by using tongs to transfer and maneuver coals. Be sure to fully torch your primary hookah warmth source to avoid unpleasant flavours while smoking and hookah hangovers. We hope this brief tutorial assisted you in properly warming up your hookah. Be sure to drop your thoughts below in the comment section.

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