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How To Make Hookah Smoke Thick

by Oxide Hookah 20 May 2019 0 Comments
How To Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

In today's topic, we are going to look at how to make hookah smoke thicker while getting better flavour in your sessions! The hookah pipe is always designed out of the same components to use for smoking. Our discussion will focus on the 4 ways or improvements that you can make to drastically improve your shisha sessions for denseful & tasteful smoke. We will provide you with a couple of examples focusing on what type of pieces to upgrade & focus on improving your performance so that you enjoy a memorable experience with every session. Let jump into the 3 things that you can adjust that will help improve your smoking sessions.

Ways to Make Your Hookah Smoke Thicker

  1. Change Your Hose
  2. Replace Your Bowl
  3. Add An HMD To Your Pipe
  4. Use Coals Made Of Coconut

1) Change Your Hose

Hookah Hose

The hose is one of the most important parts or accessories that you should maintain & continuously upgrade or change out. It is one of the core elements of to ensure that you enjoy flavorful & clean sessions. Hoses are the main accessory that help you inhale smoke. They are also the only part that you tend to pass around in social gatherings. It should always be clean and well maintained for sanitary purposes as well as for enhancing your tobacco smoking experience. Gradually over time, your hose will start to wear down with daily use hence the deterioration of quality and the reduction in moke thickness. Traditional hoses that are included with an Egyptian setup such as a KM pipe, tend to break down first. They are designed out of metal coils that are wrapped with fabric and leather. Essentially with wear and tear use, the coils start to rust out and can become harmful towards your health as you start to inhale these rusted particles. The solution to improving smoke production is to simply replace your hose with something more modern such as a silicone hose or better yet a washable one. Replacing it will also diminish the flavour ghosting that you probably experienced with your previous inhaler. This will enable you to enjoy pure flavour from your tobacco when smoking.

2) Replace Your Bowl

Hookah Bowl

The bowl or head is by far one of the most important pieces or accessories for you to enjoy a proper smoke session. The bowl is what carries your flavor or molasses. Without this part, you are unable to smoke. Overtime, your bowl tends to wear down with use. This could cause juices to seep out through small micro fractures that eventually occur with day to day use causing poor smoke quality. These micro fractures can take away how much smoke is created as heat will start to escape and juices will start to leak out. When this occurs it is time is to replace your bowl. There are many different types of hookah bowls out on the market whether you are looking for a replacement made of clay or a modern type designed out of aluminum or silicone. Replacing this component will create puffier smoke for sure.

3) Add On HMD To Your Pipe

This component is now a hookah standard! The HMD (hookah heat management system) is highly recommended for improving your smoke volume. What it does is regulates the amount of heat you transfer from your coals to your shisha tobacco. It also prevents ashes & particles from your coals to transfer into your bowl. With this in mind, an HMD is a must have for those who want to experience optimal smoke sessions. For those of you who are wondering which type of device is best suitable for your pipe, we offer the top brands to help you enhance your hookah pipe smoking. The most commonly used heat manager is the Lotus. Check out the rest of the collection of heaters by heading over to the collection on our website.

4) Use Coals Made Of Coconut

Coconut Coals

To enhance your smoke for more volume and tasty flavors, we recommend you change out your coals for one made of compressed coconut shell. Quick lights suck. They ash to quick and carry tons of chemicals your shouldn't inhale. Coconut charcoal however lasts way longer, ashes less and doesn't mess with the flavour your enjoy. These take a bit longer to light up but we promise you that the volume and purity of taste in your smoke will drastically improve.


So there you have it. These changes will create better smoke sessions for you. Replacing and adding these new additions will give you what you're looking for. These upgrades will change the way your shisha pipe functions & will provide you with amazing results. If all goes wrong after making these changes then you should probably check to see if you need make additional adjustments to fix your hookah. Check our website on the way out to help make your smoke thicker, last longer & taste better!

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