Egyptian Glazed Clay Bowl

Egyptian Glazed Clay Bowl

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The Egyptian hookah bowl is the most common shisha bowl on the market. It is handmade in the middle east and is generally included with your KM hookah traditional pipe. This accessory is large and deep in size and is coated with a traditional brown glaze. This item is a handmade hookah bowl that is molded together using Middle Eastern red clay. The Egyptian Clay Hookah bowl is great for many traditional shisha brands such as the such as Al-Fakher or Nakhla. Many smokers choose to use this individually for a certain strong flavour such as double apple or white grape which tend to leave ghosting in the clay after smoking. This item is great for long smoking sessions and holds about 20 grams of shisha. Unlike white clay hookah bowls, red clay generally latches onto flavours and is commonly used with a specific type of tobacco.

How To Use The Egyptian Clay Shisha Bowl?

This hookah bowl is used for traditional hookah flavors that are common worldwide. Such flavors are Double Apple and Grape and melon. These specific flavours are known for their strength and tend to stain clay causing a ghosting effect of flavour hence why Egyptian bowls are commonly dedicated to one of these types of molasses. Packing this clay head is simple using the fluff pack method. Simply sprinkle in your hookah tobacco or molasses gently so that it stays airy for heat to transfer through. Once you have completed this step, add foil, poke holes and your set to go. For more information on packing hookah bowls check out our blog post on How To Pack a Hookah Bowl. Check out the rest of our Hookah Bowls Online at

Does This Bowl Fit My Hookah?

Unlike male hookah bowls, this bowl will fit on most of today's modern and traditional shisha pipes. With the use of a proper fitting gasket, this accessory will work with your pipe.