oBowl V2 Aluminum Hookah Bowl (MIC)

$75.00 CAD
$75.00 CAD

oBowl V2 Aluminum Hookah Bowl (MIC)

Looking to enhance your smoke sessions? Tired of replacing bowl after bowl after bowl? Sick and tired of having to soak and clean your shisha bowl from all that built up residue? Look no more! The new Oxide Hookah oBowl V2 is here! oBowl V2 is THE FIRST Canadian-made hookah product ever designed! Chiselled from one single block of high grade aero-aluminum, the oBowl V2 is guaranteed to enhance your smoke sessions with the cleanest, purest and sweetest smoke! oBowl V2 is compatible with all hookah heat management systems and works with tin foil for those traditional smokers. The oBowl V2 is tested to fit and work with all major hookah brands on the market with a standard Egyptian grommet. Pick up the latest & last hookah bowl you will EVER NEED!

oBowl V2 Specifications

  • Made in Canada (MIC)
  • Aero Grade Aluminum 
  • Heat Management System Compatible 
  • Foil Compatible 
  • Fits 25 grams of shisha
  • Compatible with all major brand names hookahs 
  • Anodized residue resistant & non stick surface
  • Heat dispersion spine for easy heat management

oBowl V2 Dimensions

  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Bowl Diameter: 3.5 Inches
  • Volume Capacity: 20 - 25 Grams 

This bowl is for you if....

  1. You want to enjoy longer, smoother & pure flavoured shisha sessions
  2. You like to save money
  3. You are a hookah smoker :)

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