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Symptoms of a Rusted Hookah Stem

by Oxide Hookah 18 Jun 2017 0 Comments
Rusted Hookah Stem

How To Check For Symptoms of a Rusted Hookah Stem

Today we are going to discuss the symptoms of a rusted hookah stem. We will provide you on how to look for rust on your hookah and how to determine if this is indeed affecting your smokes sessions and even your health. If your hookah stem happens to have these symptoms it may be time to replace your hookah.

Check the hose port:

Usually when your hookah stem is suffering from rust the first thing to check for is the condition of your hose port. Simply grab a flashlight or some source of lighting and check where you insert your hose. If you notice that your inner part of the stem is indeed orange your stem maybe rusted internally. Sometimes you may be lucky and might be able to clean your hose port with some anti rust cleaner and that'll be your quick fix. Other times if you have let this go on for some period of time without checking your hose port it might be too late and you could have severe damage which could cause deterioration of the hookah stem itself. You don't want to be inhaling rust particles so make sure you take a look.

Check the bottom chamber:

The second spot to check for rust is your chamber port. This chamber port is located right above your bottom stem. Its actually the port which is connected to your hose and allows smoke to be dragged into the hose. If this area is contaminated with rust its usually time to switch out your hookah as this is connected with the rusting within the hose port itself.

Check the inner stem:

Take a flashlight and check your stem where your bowl sits. If you see rust in this then you could be inhaling rust particles. The smokes is generated throughout the inner stem when you inhale. You maybe able to clean the inner stem if its not too late. Use a hookah stem brush and anti rust cleaner to scrub out the particles. 


Make sure you check your stem before smoking. Rust particles are very harmful for your body so ensure to have your stem cleaned your replaced if its too late to save. You also want to regularly clean your hookah stem with a Hookah Stem Brush to maintain it properly. If you have symptoms of a rusted hookah stem and would like a new hookah stem we offer great products on our Hookah Stem Collection or our complete Hookah Collection.

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