Hookah Anatomy & Glossary

Hookah Anatomy & Glossary Overview


A water-pipe that is particularly used for Middle Eastern Tobacco. The word hookah is also called different names in different regions of the world. Hookah tobacco is not only manufactured in the Middle East but worldwide.

  • Canada, USA, UK: Hookah
  • Egypt: Shisha
  • Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, & Palestine: Arigili or Argila
  • Turkey: Narghila, Narghile, Narguile


The actual tobacco or herbal molasses that is smoked with a hookah. Shisha is packed into a clay or ceramic bowl. Also called tombak or moassel.

Hookah Bowl

Bowl made out of ceramic, clay & even now silicone material to hold your shisha tobacco. Sits at top of hookah stem and contains holes to allow air flow from the shisha to the hookah itself.

Hookah Stem

The main part of the hookah. Made of different types of metal depending on the brand you choose. It is what allows airflow to move from the hookah bowl into the hookah base and out of the hose port. The tray sits at the tray rest on the stem which is at the very top. There is also a hose port on the stem to install your hose. The shaft part of the stem sits in the water of the base (bottom piece of stem) to create smoke when inhaling. Also the hookah stem contains a purge valve which is on the opposite side of the hose port to help push out smoke when blowing air into your hookah hence the term purge your hookah.

Hookah Tray

 Sits under the bowl to prevent charcoal from falling off & to ash charcoal as well.

Hookah Hose 

Connects to the stem and allows you to inhale smoke form your stem.

Hookah Base

The bottom glass vase which holds your hookah stem and contains water to generate smoke when inhaling.

Hookah Tongs

Metal carriers which allow you to handle lit charcoal rather than using your hands...ouch

Hookah Wind Cover

Metal dome that sits over your hookah bowl and sits on the tray to prevent wind from cooling down your bowl. Increases smoke and keeps your bowl warm. 

Hope you enjoyed this post on the Hookah Anatomy and Glossary. Please leave a comment or question below in the comment section. 

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