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How Hookah Smoke Is Produced

by Oxide Hookah 18 Feb 2020 0 Comments
How Hookah Smoke Is Produced

The Production Of Hookah Smoke

Welcome to another Oxide Hookah blog post! Today we will be going into depth about how hookah smoke is actually produced. There are a lot of misconceptions about hookah. Generally speaking, not much material or theoretical studies have been conducted on hookahs to actually provide knowledge to the end user / hookah smoker to understand how shisha smoke is actually generated. We are going to solve that today by providing you the knowledge you need. Lets get into it shall we?

The Hookah Bowl

Shisha Bowl


Alright, so this is where it all starts. The hookah bowl is considered to be the carrier of the shisha flavours or molasses that you will be smoking. Without a hookah bowl, you cannot smoke hookah, true fact. Hookah bowls are manufactured in different designs & shapes out of various materials but their #1 job is to ensure that it carries & heats of your hookah tobacco. It is important to note that investing in a high quality hookah-shisha bowl will actually make a difference with your smoking experience.

The Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Coal

Hookah charcoal is also up there on the list for being an important & major factor of how hookah-shisha smoke is produced. Your shisha charcoal is the main source of heat that warms up your bowl resulting in smoke production. There are various types of hookah coals such as bamboo charcoal, coconut coals, artificial quick light coals & even lemon wood coals. All hookah charcoal will heat up your bowl but it is the consistency of heat given off that effectively impacts your smoke sessions. Coconut coals are the most consistent heat management charcoal on the market. Quality of coconut coals still alter based on brand but generally speaking most will give off a fair amount of heat for up to an hour. 

Hookah Stem

Hookah Stem


The stem of a hookah (also called the shaft) is the bridge between the bowl and the base of your hookah set which essentially transports the smoke produced from your bowl. The stems role is to simply move smoke from one end to the other. Smoke quality & smoke restriction varies from one pipe to the other due to volume measurements of the internal diameter within a hookah stem. The smaller the diameter the more restriction. The hookah shaft/stem is what inputs and filters your hookah smoke into the hookah base. Without a hookah stem you cannot smoke hookah.

Hookah Base

Hookah Base

The hookah base is what holds and filters shisha tobacco smoke. After the hookah smoke is drawn through the stem from the shisha bowl, the smoke sits in the base till it is drawn through the stems hose port when inhaling. Shisha smoke quality can be altered based on the size and dimensions of your base. 

Is Hookah Tobacco Combustable? 

Unlike cigarette smoking, hookah tobacco smoke is not created by combustion. Shisha tobacco or non-tobacco molasses actually plays the role of a sponge in the case where the ingredients added to the tobacco is actually what creates the smoke. Cigarette smoke requires an open flame to initiate the smoking process whereas hookah smoking requires a steady and consistent heat to cook or bake the molasses. When smoking a cigarette, ashes are what is left of the original product when completely consumed whereas the final result of smoking shisha molasses whether it be herbal or tobacco are the full dried and cooked remains. The main ingredient that produces smoke in shisha pipes is food grade glycerine. 

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