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Does Hookah Give You A Buzz?

by Oxide Hookah 10 Jan 2020 0 Comments
Does Hookah Give You A Buzz?

Does Hookah Get You Buzzed?

So, you just had a smoke session but this time you felt a little bit of a buzz or light headedness. What's this hookah buzz everyone keeps talking about? Does hookah get you high? Whether this is your first time using or your rather an amid shisha smoker, you might experience this from time to time. Today we are going to dive into the topic of exactly what a hookah buzz is and why you might be experiencing it when you smoke shisha.

What Causes a Hookah Buzz?

First off, i'd like to mention that each individual may get different side affect from hookah smoking from time to time. Each person is built differently based on health, weight, hydration etc. I'd also like to mention that each shisha flavour brand is manufactured differently and contains different ingredients that may also affect how you experience your smoke session. With that being said let us dive into the topic of why you may be experiencing a hookah buzz.

Nicotine in Hookah

As mentioned above, each hookah flavour is manufactured differently and will have different ingredients to make its flavour and robustness vary from one brand to the other. One major factor that may cause you to experience a hookah buzz or light headedness when smoking shisha is the amount of nicotine levels that are added to the hookah molasses or shisha tobacco during the manufacturing stage. The higher the nicotine levels are the more of a shisha buzz you may experience. Some avid smokers actually enjoy this type of sensation while others may think that they are experiencing something wrong. Nicotine is a stimulant and potent alkaloid which what it does in theory to the body is increase heart rate and blood pressure. This buzz that you are experiencing is more likely caused by a heightened heart rate while smoking and will only last for a short period of time and usually goes away within minutes. The amounts of nicotine found in shisha tobacco are significantly small in comparison to other tobacco products such as cigarettes and vape.

Your Health & Nutrition

Another factor that may cause you to get a buzz when smoking hookah is the current state of your health & nutrition. As previously mentioned, hookah flavours using tobacco commonly have low levels of nicotine, however based on your sugar levels and hydration levels a hookah buzz may be more noticeable or can be heightened if you have low blood sugar or are dehydrated. When smoking a hookah, a general practice that many hookah enthusiasts / smokers do is snack on light foods such as crackers, fruits and nuts with water and tea to refrain from having any side affects or nausea. For best practices, drink water and ensure you have had a meal at least an hour prior to smoking a hookah. 

Does Hookah Get You High?

No. Hookah does not get you high. The only time it would get you high is if you were adding or mixing it with a drug intentionally in your hookah bowl. Standard hookah tobacco or flavoured shisha molasses does not contain any drugs of any sort. Shisha benefits from natural organic ingredients such as raw leaf tobacco, honey, food flavouring and food grade glycerin. Unless you are looking for an alternative shisha flavour or brand which exist in 2020 that actually specialize in the newly CBD & THC market, you will not get high off of hookah.

Hookah Brands With The Highest Amount Of Nicotine

Since we are talking about shisha buzzes, let us talk about brands that have the highest nicotine content. Although some users may not enjoy the experience of feeling buzzed, a majority of hookah smokers actually embrace it. Here are a couple of the strongest shisha buzzing brands out there.

Nakhla Tobacco

The original of the OG's. Nakhla has been around for decades and actually started off the trend of favoured shisha as we know it today. Double Apple is their flagship brand and has a nicotine content of 0.5%. 

Tangiers Tobacco

Tangiers is an American hookah brand that specializes in dark leaf tobacco. They have bene around for around 10 years and produce small seasonal batches of multiple flavours. Their flagship flavour is Cane Mint and the nicotine content is an estimated 0.4%.


So there you have it folks. When smoking hookah you may get a buzz but yo definitely wont get high. The side affects and how your body may react to you smoking shisha depends on the two major factors we discussed. Make sure that you eat a meal and stay hydrated before enjoying a session regardless to avoid nicotine sickness or nausea of whether or not you enjoy that subtle buzz. If you want to get a kick while your smoking, try Nakhla or Tangiers shisha flavours. We hope this post was informative and helpful.

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