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Buy Hookahs and Accessories in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Buy hookah Ottawa: Residents of Ontario now have the ease & accessibility to buy hookah online Canada. Oxide Hookah is the best place to buy a hookah online in Canada. We are a hookah shop offering authentic shisha pipes and shisha accessories! Browse leading water-pipes from Khalil Mamoon, Shika, Hoob, Regal Hookah & more! We also offer hookahs based on design such as modern hookahs, traditional hookahs, glass hookahs etc. All of our products are from genuine and authentic shisha brands. Buy hookah Ottawa at the best hookah shop in Canada.

Why Should You Buy Hookah Ottawa Online?

The answer is simple. We have made it easier for you folks in Ottawa to buy shisha online Canada by providing you with free shipping for orders $175 or more. Our company offers the best hookah pipes in Canada from globally recognized shisha brands. Our partners are spread across different regions of the world & are always updating their hookah products to ensure that you get all of your shisha Ottawa needs at the highest standards. OxideHookah is the best hookah store Ottawa could ask for.

Shisha Ottawa at Oxide Hookah Canada Shop

We have been providing Canada retail shops & consumers with high quality pipes since 2014. Our mission is to enhance your shisha smoke experience by carrying the leading brands. Whatever hookah design you are browsing for we got it whether it is a specific brand such as Shika Hookah or even a specific colour such as a purple hookah to go beyond expectations. Our shisha accessories are also some of the best smoke enhancers on the market. Need a new shisha bowl? Want to upgrade to a new hose? Lost your stem cleaning brush? We got you covered in every way possible. 

Stay Shisha Cheap & Save Buying A Hookah In Ottawa

When ordering on our website, there are a few benefits to purchasing from an online Canadian website. Below are some of the benefits you get when purchasing directly from us!

  1. Save Money On Currency Conversion Rates: The U.S dollar is stronger in comparison to the Canadian dollar. Save on high currency conversion rates.
  2. Cheap Shipping Rates: Shipping or importing your order from elsewhere such as the USA will cost a lot more than shipping within Canada especially when it is calculated in U.S currency. Minimum shipping rates on importing a hookah from the USA into Canada usually costs anywhere in between $70-$100 USD.
  3. Faster Delivery Time: Purchasing from a vendor outside of Canada will take more time to make it to you especially if its crossing borders. Get your hookah products faster and start smoking right away.
  4. Save on Customs Duties & Taxes: Purchasing a hookah from outside of Canada can result in a 7% tax fee when importing. That is not including your provincial tax. Buying a hookah in Canada & getting it shipped to Ottawa will save you the additional fees and the only thing you have pay is your provincial tax! We deal with all of the customs and duties when we import our products into Canada, you receive your item without the hassle! We are based out of Calgary, Alberta.
  5. Trusted Canadian Organization: We are reputable for providing genuine-only products. All of our shisha pipes & accessories are tested before advertised on our website. We want to ensure you get the best out of your dollar. Our mission is provide you with authentic smoke products stand behind what we sell.
  6. Support a Canadian Company Grow: Investing in Oxide Hookah Canada will only build onto our products and services proving you with top notch products, faster shipping and always the exceptional customer service we offer.
  7. Ottawa Residents Get Free Shipping: Free shipping on all orders $175 or more when ordering from us. Doesn't matter where you are located, shipping is on us, including all residents in Ottawa, Ontario. Discount code: FREESHIP




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