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Best Hookah Coals To Make Your Shisha Taste Better

by Oxide Hookah 13 May 2019 0 Comments
Best Hookah Coals 2018 - Natural Hookah Coals - Oxide Hookah

The Absolute Best Hookah Charcoal Guide of 2019

Hookah smoking has been around for centuries! In the early days, wood was the natural source of heat to fire up your hookah! Fast forward to 2019, we now have all these brands, sizes and different forms of getting your hookah started. Today, in 2019, we are going to discuss which hookah coals and natural charcoal are the best for your smoking needs.


The Best Natural Hookah Coals of 2019

Best Hookah Coals 2018 - Hookah Charcoal Guide - Oxide Hookah

Natural hookah coals are the answer to ensuring a safe and enjoyable hookah smoke session! Why you ask? The answer is simple, they are natural. At Oxide Hookah, we believe in ensuring that you enjoy your smoke sessions safely. Although smoking is generally harmful, there is a way to prevent further damage to your lungs by eliminating dangers of toxic chemicals from your heat source. Natural hookah charcoals are manufactured out of organic materials without any type of chemicals for ignition. Simple ingredients used to make natural coals such as coconut shell and organic plant based paste ensure that you aren't inhaling harmful toxins into your lungs. Lighting up natural coals take 3-5 minutes since they are compressed coconut shells, but the result of your sessions will be outstanding! So Which Hookah Coals are the brands in 2019? We've got your answer! 


Titanium Hookah Coals - Natural Coconut Charcoal

Titanium hookah coals are one of the leading brands in the hookah industry to ensure an enjoyable and safe smoke session. Titaniums have been on the market since 2014 and have made a huge footprint in the Hookah World. Taking the market by storm, Titaniums can now be found all over the globe in various online shops and convenience stores. What makes Titanium Coconut charcoals a leading brand is the consistency in cut and their medium heat output. Titanium coconut hookah coals give off just the right amount of heat to provide long enjoyable sessions with pure flavour. You won't get any nasty scorch taste throughout your evening of enjoying a shisha session and they are known to be scentless. Another reason why Titanium's are one of the best hookah charcoal on the market is how they ash. Titaniums barely ash which actually helps your coals to last longer due to the insulation factor of how the shell preserves the inner core of the coal. Titanium hookah coals come in three different sizes in 1 KG boxes.


CocoUrth Organic Coconut Hookah Charcoal - Natural Coals

Cocourth is another brand that leads in the hookah industry. Cocourth Natural Charcoal are made of organic matter using compressed coconut shells and organic starch extract from cassava root. The reason why Cocourth Hookah Coals are so popular in 2019 is how they are made. Cocourth are the longest lasting hookah coals on the market due to the amount of material volume compressed in a single coal. The more volume compressed means the longer it takes to actually burn through. CocoUrth organic coals also give out the perfect amount of heat while preventing your shisha from getting that nasty taste we all hate. Cocourth Hookah charcoal is also scentless and ashes very slowly due to the fact of volume compression resulting in a longer burn time. No more need to switch out your coals every 20 minutes when using Cocourth Organic Natural Coconut Coals.


Best Type of Hookah Coal Sizes For Your Smoke Sessions

Best Hookah Coals 2018 Guide - Natural Hookah Charcoal - Oxide Hookah


Let's dive into which hookah coal sizes are best suitable for the way you smoke. We will base this on which hookah bowl you are using and how much heat you require.


Flat Sized Hookah Charcoal

Flat sized hookah coals are one of the safest bets to when you are choosing the size of hookah coals for your sessions. Flat sized coals usually measure at 25mm X 25mm X 18mm. They are perfect for those who are still in the early stages of learning how to manage their heat throughout their session. No matter what bowl size you are using, flat sized coals tend to be managed easily as they give off a fair amount of heat but don't over do it. You can use these coals with any bowl you currently have along with the various heat management systems on the market. Usually a box of flats has 96-108 pieces in a kilo so you are able to light 3-4 coals to manage your shisha pipe without feeling guilt of lighting too many or too little coals. Flats tend to last from anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.


Cube Sized Hookah Coals

Cubes are a little larger than your flats. Measuring at 25 X 25 X 25 mm these are full sized cubes and tend to last longer than the flat sized. Cubes do give off more heat than flats also. When using cube coals, you want to determine which bowl you are using for your smoke session. We recommend using cube coals with larger volumed hookah coals for two reasons. First reason is the fact that you do not want to waste your cube coals on a shallow bowl which holds low volume of shisha tobacco. You'll end up cooking your shisha before the charcoal is completely used. Larger volume hookah bowls like the Harmony bowl or Alpaca apache bowl will work best with cube coals so that they last as long as your sessions do which is an average of 1.5 hours. Second reason why you should use cubes with larger volume sized hookah bowls is proper heat management. Higher capacity shisha bowls allow your heat to transfer properly without scorching and provide an enjoyable shisha experience. Using cube coals with a shallow bowl could end up overheating your sessions if you are not familiar with managing heat. However if you have been smoking shisha for years, you'll have a better understanding of how many coals your bowl requires and will still get a long enjoyable experience no matter what bowl you use.


Other Types of Hookah Coals in Size


Mini Cube Coals

Similar to flats but shaped as a cube. Mini cubes give off heat like the flats. Mini Cube Coconut charcoal will also be a safe bet to managing your heat. Manufactured by Cocourth and Titanium.


Large Cube Coals

Larger Cubes made to last longer than the original cube size. Last in between 1.5 to 2 hours. Great for  both foil sessions and hookah heat management system shisha sessions especially if your are using the Kaloud Lotus. Cocourth manufactures Large Hookah Cubes in a box of 64 pieces per kilogram.


Quarter Circle Hookah Coals

Designed to fit hookah heat management systems such as the Kaloud Lotus or Oduman Ignis. Quarter circles give off the perfect heat and come in a box of 96 pieces. Cocourth manufactures Quarter Circle Hookah Coals in a box of 96 pieces.


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