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Best Portable Hookahs - Top 5 Hookahs

by Oxide Hookah 30 Apr 2019 0 Comments
Best Portable Hookahs with the Best Portable Hookah Prices

Best Portable Hookahs

So, your heading out on a trip or going over to your buddies place to enjoy a hookah session but one thing is holding you back, the troubles of bringing or taking over your large hookah. When travelling with your hookah, the pain and headache of taking your entire setup can be troubling. First off you think to yourself, how am I going to keep my hookah safe from being damaged?! Bringing a huge stem with a large glass base can end up with your hookah breaking in the process of transporting it, especially if you are throwing it into a luggage bag. So what can you do to prevent taking and risking your regular set up? The solution is simple, getting yourself a portable hookah for the occasion of enjoying a session while on the go. 

Today we will dive into the top portable travel hookahs for your sessions abroad or nearby! Never risk taking your expensive regular hookah setup with you to the park again.


Top Portable Hookah List

  1. Hoob Atom C Portable Hookah 
  2. Oduman Voyage Glass Hookah
  3. Khalil Mamoon Golden Mini Snake
  4. Oduman N2 Travel Glass Hookah
  5. Oduman Smoke Tank Glass Hookah


1 - Hoob Atom C

Hoob Atom C

The Hoob Atom C is an acrylic hookah designed in Russia. Using high quality and durable materials, the Hoob Atom C is a great portable hookah. The acrylic base will withstand time unlike regular glass hookah bases and can be easily transported in a luggage bag using little space. The Atom Hookah by Hoob also features a handle to carry on the go and dual hose ports to share your sessions with friends and family. This minimalist hookah is one of the best portable shisha pipes worthy of your hard earned dollar.


2 - Oduman Voyage Hookah


Oduman Voyage


The Oduman Voyage is a glass hookah with dual walls for durability and portability. Voyage hookah by Oduman is designed to look futuristic as if it were from another century and is rounded in design. The sphere shape of the Oduman Voyage travel hookah is unique and can be easily transported with the hookah travel bag that it comes with. Oduman Voyage performs excellent for its small size and is definitely a conversation starter. Voyage hookah also features stainless steel ports and a stainless stem to prevent any corrosion over time. 


3 - Khalil Mamoon Golden Mini Snake Hookah

KM Ceramica Mini Hookah

The KM Golden Mini Snake Ceramica hookah is the smaller version of the Khalil Mamoon Golden Snake Ceramica. Being a traditional Khalil Mamoon hookah pipe, the KM Mini Snake is designed out of heavy duty brass and a glass base. Easy to transport unlike the regular sized version, the Mini Snake Ceramica stands at 21 inches tall and smokes just as great as the original. If your looking for a traditional hookah with the quality smoke that comes with Egyptian Hookahs, then the KM Golden Mini Snake is a great choice and include all accessories required to smoke a session.


4 - Oduman N2 Travel Hookah

Oduman N2 Travel Glass Hookah

The N2 Travel hookah is a smaller version of the original N2 glass hookah by Oduman hookahs. The Oduman N2 travel is also a glass hookah built out of thick dual walls and contains a stainless steel stem along with a screw-on port for its silicone hose. The N2 travel includes a travel bag for safety and to store all your necessity hookah items while on the go. N2 travel by Oduman Hookahs is designed in Turkey from high quality products and smokes like a dream. 


5 - Oduman Smoke Tank Hookah

Oduman Smoke Tank Hookah

Another portable glass hookah by Oduman. The Oduman Smoke Tank Hookah is also a dual thick glass hookah with stainless ports and stem. Its shape gives it its name the Tank and works both great for portability or a small desktop hookah for your home. Oduman Smoke Tank also includes a travel bag to make it a portable hookah and includes the necessary hookah accessories to get a great and smooth hookah session going. 


Where to Buy the Best Portable Hookah Pipe?

We hope you enjoyed our little post about little portable hookah pipes. If your looking for the best portable hookahs in the industry, you've come to the right spot! pick up your portable hookah by viewing our entire hookah collection! If you have any thoughts or comments, be sure to jot them down in the section below. Thanks for reading about the best portable hookah pipes.

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