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Whether you are looking for a bowl stem replacement or hose, we offer a large variety of the best hookah parts & hookah supplies for sale. All of our items are 100% authentic and our merchandise is brought to you directly from the manufacturer. The are designed out of high quality materials. Browse and buy accessories from Oxide-Hookah and improve your sessions.   

Hookah Parts For Sale

Hookah Bowls For Sale

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Purchase bowls online that will enhance your hookah sessions longevity & flavour.

Hookah Hoses For Sale

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Choose the right hose to improve your shisha sessions & get optimal thick & clean smoke!

Buy Hookah HMDS Online

Buy Heat Management Systems

Take control of your heat by adding a heat system to your setup. These are great for managing your heat properly and prolonging your sessions.

Buy Hookah Glass Bases & Hookah Base Replacements Online at Oxide Hookah

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Need a replacement base? Looking to enhance the look of your water-pipe? Pick up a new one here.

Hookah Trays For Sale Online at Oxide Hookah Canada

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Keep your smoking area clean & safe buy choosing a new tray for your setup!

Hookah Wind Covers & Hookah Wind Guards at Oxide Hookah

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Keep your heat preserved with a wind-cover. If you are an outside smoker, stop wind from interrupting your sessions.

Buy Hookah Tongs & Hookah Charcoal Carriers at Oxide Hookah

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Pick up your coals in style while guarding your hands with our premium tongs! Classy looks with safe functions.

Buy Hookah Hole Poker and Shisha Hole Punchers at Oxide Hookah

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Poke away with the trendiest pokers on the market! Browse the selection we hace and obtain precise air punctures in your bowl.

Hookah Necessity Items for Sale - Hookah Base Protectors, Hose Mouth Tips & More

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Mouth tips, ball bearings, base protectors & more! Choose from a selection of miscellaneous hookah accessories to get your sessions going.