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Hookah Accessories Canada - Looking to upgrade your hookah accessories? Want to improve your hookah sessions? Look no further! Oxide Hookah has you covered with the latest and greatest hookah accessories now available in Canada! Quality always matters at Oxide Hookah therefore you will receive only the latest models of quality and genuine accessories. Why stick with the old and grimy when you can enhance your sessions by simply changing a hose or bowl. Oxide hookah is here to help one shisha session at a time!

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Premium Hookah Bowls For Sale

Hookah Bowls

Improve your sessions by upgrading to a new hookah bowl. Check out our quality bowl section.

High Performance Hookah Hoses For Sale

Hookah Hoses

Smoke clean with our washable and premium silicone hoses. Stop using your grimy old one and upgrade!

Hookah Heat Management Devices and Hookah Heat Management Systems

Hookah HMD's

Stop using foil for your sessions and come over to the future! Switch out foil for premium HMD's here.

Hookah Bases and Hookah Glass Base Replacements

Hookah Bases

Broke your base? Wanna switch it up? Yah we get that all the time! Browse our authentic glass bases.

Hookah Tray Upgrades and Replacements for Sale

Hookah Trays

Looking for a new tray to switch up the look? View our collection of gorgeous hookah trays.

Hookah Wind-Covers For Sale at Oxide Hookah

Hookah Windcovers

Tired of wind messing with your heat while trying to enjoy an evening outside? Look no further.

Hookah Tongs & Hookah Charcoal Holders For Sale

Hookah Tongs

Pick up your coals in style while guarding your hands with our premium hookah charcoal tongs! Classy looks with safe functions.

Hookah Hole Pokers For Sale at Oxide Hookah

Hookah Hole Pokers

Poke away with the trendiest hookah hole pokers on the market! Browse the poker selection and obtain precise air punctures in your bowl.

Hookah Hole Pokers & Hookah Bowl Hole Punchers For Sale

Hookah Necessities

Mouth tips, ball bearings, base protectors & more! Choose from a selection of miscellaneous hookah accessories to get your sessions going.

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Orders $175 or more get free shipping nationwide  on all hookah accessories.

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No Hassle, No Worries. From the transaction process to delivery we have everything taken care of.

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Best prices in Canada! Legitimate items at a legit savings price. 

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I've been smoking shisha for years and finally pulled the trigger and got my own kit. I can't say enough about how helpful Oxide was in helping me pick my first kit. Great service and since I was local I was able to pick up everything the following day. Highly recommend, I will definitely be ordering from Oxide Hookah again.


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Best quality pipe I purchased in Canada. The owner was a pleasure to deal with and he found exactly what I needed within my price point. I definitely will be buying more products in the future and would highly recommend Oxide Hookah to any first time buyer.


 Google Review

Honestly one the best retailers in canada. I have been to tons of shops all over Toronto and they all carry fake products and knock offs. Oxide hookah has not disappointed from their coals to bases and everything in between has been top shelf authentic and genuine products. I only order from him now.

Faisal Rohile,  

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