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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hookah?

The apparatus is used for smoking flavoured tobacco. The shisha water-pipe consists of multiple parts in order for it to function properly.  A bowl or head which sits atop of the stem is filled with flavoured tobacco or molasses and is heated using coals that are preheated over a stove top or burner. Smoke is generated when the optimal temperature is reached for combustion. When the bowl is heated, the user inhales using a hose. The smoke is filtered and chilled through a glass vase filled with water prior to reaching the user.

How Often Should I Clean My Hookah Pipes?

Oxide-Hookah recommends that you rinse your stem and vase after every use. Keeping your pipes clean will always result in the best sessions. We recommend using some tools to help keep your shisha sanitized. Check our the blog to learn more on maintaining your hookah sets.

Is Smoke Quality Affected By Size?

Ideally, the whole package should stand between the height of 24-34 inches is best for optimal performance, and ease of use. Tall pipes that include a larger glass vases generate more clouds of smoke but may be heavier to carry and move. Small shisha pipes are great for portability, storage and travelling.

How To Set Up Hookah?

You can learn how to assemble, set up and use a hookah by browsing our blog section.

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