Oduman Ignis

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Oduman Ignis Heat Management System

Oduman Ignis for sale at Oxide Hookah in Canada! This is a Hookah Heat Management System manufactured in Turkey. Produced out of high quality food safe aluminum, this is able to hold 3 fully lit cubed coconut charcoals. Oduman Ignis Bowl Heater features lift carriers to allow airflow to your charcoals keeping them lit and maintaining consistent heat transfer. Never again will you have to worry to ash or rotate your coals when using the Ignis! If you want better results for your hookah sessions pick up this HMD!

Please Note: This product is a hand made item designed in Turkey using weld moulds to produce the complete product. Some imperfections and weld marks may be present on the Ignis from manufacturer assembly.&

How To Use The Oduman Ignis

Need help using the Oduman Ignis Heat Manager? No problem. We have made a simple and thorough tutorial for you to get the perfect sessions out of your new shisha enhancer.

What Is The Best Bowl For The Oduman Ignis?

When it comes to finding the right hookah bowl to use with this device, It is frankly quite simple. Similar in diameter to the Kaloud Lotus, the same bowls that the Lotus heat management system is compatible with would work to make the best hookah sessions. We have compiled a whole collection of compatible hookah bowls that will work best with the Oduman heat manager. Check out our collection of Heat Management Device Compatible Bowls.

Dimensions & Size

  • 3 inches diameter
  • 2 Inches height
  • 0.2 KG weight

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and keeping the Ignis clean, the steps are simple. Try not to ever get your Ignis V2 completely wet so that it does not discolour from water oxidation. For best results removing shisha tobacco from the bottom of your charcoal carrier, use a cast iron brush or bbq brush once it has cooled down.

Best Coals For The Oduman Ignis

To get the best results when smoking your hookah, we recommend you use 3 cube coals for optimal performance. Brands we suggest are Cocourth or Titanium. These burn and ash the cleanest and do not burn or scorch your sessions