Apple On Top Perch Charcoal Tray For Hookah Bowl
AOT Perch Charcoal Tray For Apple Hookah Bowl

AOT Perch Charcoal Tray

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Product Type: Hookah Heat Management System
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AOT Perch Charcoal Tray

The newest way to smoke your hookah. The Apple On Top Perch tray is another new revolutionary product by AppleOnTop. You know AOT is always pushing boundaries to enhance hookah smoking, well here is another one.  Replace foil completely with the use of the new Perch tray. Simply add this guy on top of your bowl and you're good to go. Perch tray also allow you to manage your hookah session a lot simpler by being compatible with the Apple On Top Provost 2 & their original apple head hookah bowl. 

AppleOnTop Perch Accessory Compatibility

The Perch hookah tray is compatible with the following products:

  • Apple On Top Hookah Bowl
  • Apple On Top Provost Heat Management System (Provost HMD 1 & AOT Provost 2)
  • Hookah Bowls With a Diameter of 3 inches

How The Perch Works

The AOT Perch is a replacement screen for tinfoil. Simply pack your bowl and add the perch charcoal tray on top to get smoking. No more foil! Simple & easy.