Top 5 Hookah Products of 2016

Our Top 5 Hookah Products of 2016

The year is now coming towards an end & an exciting New Year is just a few days away! As we get ready to change our regimens & make promises to ourselves that will be eventually broken (I promise to eat healthy this year), we wanted to take the time and reflect on how amazing 2016 was for the hookah industry especially here in Canada! We've taken the time to look over some of the top 5 hookah products of 2016 & have made a list below. Check out the list & make sure to write your thoughts in the comment section below!


1- Oduman Ignis Heat Management Device

Oduman Ignis Heat Management Device Canada

With the arrival of the Oduman Ignis to North America, the game has changed for heat management devices. Previously, heat managers were a little restricted in space for adding more than two cubed charcoals & most of the time charcoal blacked out due to the lack of airflow underneath. The Oduman Ignis fixed these flaws by allowing up to 3 cubed charcoals & also allowing airflow underneath the charcoal by featuring lift carriers at the base of the device. These additional features helped warm up your session a lot quicker & managed heat more efficiently!                                    


2- Regal Hookah Stem

Regal Hookahs have now been out for a couple of years now but in 2016 a couple of improvements were made to the Regal line. We saw the manufacturer improve the down-stem of the hookah by producing with Aerospace grade aluminum which does not rust over a period time of use. Also we saw a huge overhaul in manufacturing materials to the quality of wood being used for these beautiful stems. Regals are the higher end of the hookah chain & are limited in production. For Canadians, this was the first year they were introduced & exclusively sold by Oxide Hookah!                    


3- oBowl 

Oxide Hookah oBowl Canada

The oBowl was the first product to be produced by Oxide Hookah! Manufactured with high quality food grade aluminum with its beautiful design & matte black colour. The oBowl performed with precision in 2016 with sessions lasting over 2 hours. Although the oBowl is manufactured with aluminum it retains the perfect heat level & doesn't scorch your session due to the volume of materials used. This was definitely in the top 5 of 2016.      


4- Shika Hookah's


Shika Hookahs Canada


Shika Hookahs stole the show in 2016! With the release of the V4 models, we saw huge improvements done to the new line with an overhaul of beautiful high quality craftsmanship & design. The new v4 models included hand etched engravings on the all brass stems & most models included a copper down stem. Other improvements were done with the purge valves of the the pipes along with the hose ports making them more universal to different brands of modern hoses. Shika was the go to hookah brand in 2016!


5- CocoUrth Natural Charcoal

CocoUrth Natural Hookah Charcoal


 We saw the release of CocoUrth charcoal in 2016! Cocourth is known for its longevity as these coals last up to 1.5 hours & burn clean. They also are reputable for staying lit while using foil in comparison to many other brands which tend to black out over a period of time. Within the first couple of months from its release, CocoUrth became a major brand & are now the first charcoal company in the hookah industry to manufacture in-house rather than being outsourced from various Indonesian factories. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 hookah products in 2016! Stay tuned for our future blog posts & feel free to post your thoughts below of our Top 5 Hookah Products of 2016 Blog in the comment section!

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