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The Ultimate Khalil Mamoon Hookah Guide

by Oxide Hookah 05 Jan 2020 1 comment
Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Pipes

Welcome to another great post by Oxide Hookah. Today we will be doing an in-depth overview of Khalil Mamoon Hookah Pipes. One of the most popular hookah brands within the shisha world, KM hookah shisha pipes are astonishing pieces of art that are designed today in one of the worlds most famous regions which once conquered the Ancient East. In the small neighbourhood of Cairo, Egypt, Al Hussien district is the where the establishment of these amazing shisha pipes are developed today. Over the last century, Khalil Mamoon has dominated the hookah industry as it is now considered to be a household brand for smokers around the globe. What makes these shisha tobacco pipes so popular is how they are individually designed and mass produced. The shisha company was originally founded and established in 1873 and actually started off its humble beginnings as a furniture shop. As years passed and shisha smoking became a part of the Middle Eastern culture, Khalil company shifted its focus and become a hookah shop focusing solely on shisha tobacco pipes & supplies. Today, millions of these hand-crafted smoking apparatuses are in the homes hookah tobacco smokers thanks to the companies workmanship and its renewable focus annually to create a better product and improve functionality. The Khalil Mamoon hookah wholesale division is always working hard to ensure that these works of art are constantly being shipped world-wide.

Now that you have a bit of an overview on how KM pipes came to be, we're going to discuss a bit of how each shisha is designed and what you can expect in hookah price terms when inverting in your own complete shisha set. So let uss take a dive in the Ultimate Khalil-Mamoon Hookah Guide.

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The Ultimate Khalil Mamoon Hookah Guide

  • What Is Khalil Mamoon?
  • Are Khalil Mamoon hookahs good?
  • What Materials Are Khalil Mamoon Hookahs Made Of?
  • How Are KM's Manufactured?
  • Are Khalil Mamoon Hookah Accessories Manufactured In-house?
  • How Can You Identify A Khalil Mamoon Shisha?
  • How Much Is Typically The Khalil Hookah Price?
  • What Are The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookah Models
  • What Is The Best Khalil Mamoon Website? 

What Is Khalil Mamoon?

Ok, so a lot of individuals ask us this question when inquiring on Khalil hookah price and features. The brand Khalil Mamoon is actually the name of the individual who started the business in 1873, Mr. Khalil Mamoon. It was common practice in the middle east to use the first and last name of the entrepreneur who established the business and is actually a practice that is still used today. The company is still a family run business and is currently being operated by the originators great grand-child (International Group Khalil Mamoon).

Are Khalil Mamoon Hookahs Good?

KM pipes are considered to be great hookahs! They function well and provide great hookah sessions. The build on a Khalil Maamoon shisha is actually quite amazing for a hand-crafted pipe. One of the more unique parts of a Khalil shisha is the amount of time and effort being put in to etch and engrave designs in the brass of the hookah stem. Each Khalil Mamoon nargile will have its own unique touches and may have a few blemishes based on the fact that its hand made.

What Materials Are Khalil Mamoon's Made Of?

Khalil Mamoons are commonly made of two materials. The two metals that are used to develop and manufacture these wonderful creations are mainly brass and stainless steel. However, Khalil Mamoon Shisha Company does make versions of their hookah tobacco pipes where they use 3 or for metals to make a single model. There are variations of tri-metal hookahs and even quad-metal hookahs which use copper and bronze as an addition. 

How Are KM's Manufactured?

Khalil Mamoon shisha's are all done by hand as mentioned previously. The time and effort it takes just to create a single pipe is lengthy. Generally, the hardest part of manufacturing a KM is the outer body of the stem. Molds are created for the shape of the outer-stem so that moulted metal can be poured and cooled to for the figure. Engraving are done by hand by Egyptian artisans using a special tool to make unique arabesque designs and calligraphy. 

Are Khalil Mamoon Hookah Accessories Manufactured In-house?

Khalil Mamoon International Group does not manufacture all of its products in-house. Just like any company, the establishment outsources the accessories included with its genuine pipe. Khalil Mamoon's main focus of manufacturing is the stem itself alongside the tray and tongs of the Khalil Mamoon setup. Some of the outsourced accessories are the Khalil Mamoon hose and the Khalil Mamoon hookah base which are still genuine as they are solely manufactured for the company and stamped with its official logo.

How Can You Identify A Khalil Mamoon Shisha?

This on is pretty simple. The most common method of identifying a Khalil-Mamoon is by checking for the Arabian & KM logo stamped near the top of the stem where the tray is held. The marking will have the brand written in Arabic enclosed with an etched lotus flower. The actual tray will also have these markings as well and will also be written in english.

Learn more about identifying a Khalil Mamoon>>

How Much Is Typically The Khalil Hookah Price?

A genuine Khalil Mamoon pipe can vary in pricing based on the actual model itself. The cost of a hookah shisha pipe will fluctuate based on three things which are materials, size & design. These three factors will determine the cost of your KM narguile pipe. Prices will usually start around $100 USD which can get you a travel sized Khalil Mamoon mini classic hookah and could go up to $600 USD (KM Caesar all-brass shisha pipe) depending on the model you are choosing.

What Are The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookah Models

When it comes down to choosing the right model from the company, they have a huge selection. It all comes down to preference really and which kind of design and material you like. Size also comes into factor when choosing a Khalil Argili. Some individual may have more than one hookah for different uses such as one pipe being kept in their living room for guests and entertainment while another hookah would be used for travel. Another consideration would be whether or not you would like to share your hookah. Instead of passing the hookah every other minute, some may choose Khalil Mamoon hookah 2 hose model which allows two persons to smoke at the same time. You can keep it at one hose if you don wanna pass the hookah. Below are a couple of popular of KM's shisha models.

Popular Khalil Mamoon Pipes

What Is The Best Khalil Mamoon Website? 

Determining where to purchase a genuine KM hookah is always important. There are so many knock-offs in this world that try to impersonate Khalil shisha pipes that you must choose wisely when making a purchase. Sometimes when the price is too right, it generally is. Luckily, whether you are looking for a Khalil Mamoon hookah in Canada, Australia, Dubai or Mumbai, Oxide Hookah has you covered and ships internationally. Our selection of KM's is always being expanded and we are always importing the best hookah variety from Khalil-Maamoon. carries only genuine shisha tobacco water pipes by KM. You can shop our complete selection by hitting the link below! 

Khalil Mamoon Website

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I loved analyzing your weblog put up about Khalil Mamoon Hookahs. It’s charming to examine about the prosperous records and craftsmanship at the back of these hookahs. Your insights into the a range of sorts and how to easy and keep them had been specifically useful for enthusiasts. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are virtually works of art, and your weblog does a fantastic job highlighting their splendor and functionality. I seem to be ahead to greater informative posts like this, shedding mild on the world of hookahs. Great job!

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