Hookah Tips For Beginners

Hookah Tips For Beginners

With any new hobby comes learning! Hookah smoking is obviously a hobby of your pastime if you're reading this and if you're just beginning to smoke hookah, there are definitely a few pointers you want to educate yourself before becoming a pro. Today we will go over a few pointers on how to get started and how you can enhance your sessions by following just a few simple steps! Let's dive in to a couple of hookah tips for beginners!

1- Learn your Parts

These items are actually a lot less complicated of structures than many seem to perceive. First of all, a hookah is not a vaporizer and no it is not a bong. Hookah actually goes back centuries and was initially used for medicinal purposes in India but eventually made its route through trade to Middle Eastern Kingdoms and were essentially used by wealthy families to smoke tobacco as a pastime. If you had smoked one 4 centuries ago, you were probably a king, prince or somewhat hierarchy. Pretty big deal we say! Today it is a common hobby on a global scale. The structure of a pipe is quite simple. A bowl is filled with flavoured tobacco or herbal molasses which sits on a stem. The stem is placed on a glass base which contains water to filter out particles and generate smoke. A hose is attached to the stem for one to inhale smoke which is generated from the bowl by heating it with charcoal. It is as simple as that folks.

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 2- Pack with Ease

Packing your bowl is what really makes a difference when enjoying your session. Of course packing isn't a science either. When it comes down to loading up your bowl, you would have to determine which tobacco you are using and what method you would use to fill your bowl. Let's use the most common molasses on the market which happens to be Al Fakher. To achieve a great session with AF is fairly simple. All you would need to do is delicately sprinkle in your shisha loosely and ensure that its fluffed up to the rim of the bowl. You want to ensure that heat will reach throughout the entire bowl, so make sure that the molasses is evenly distributed and not compressed. When adding foil to your head make sure you have a drum like surface and poke a fair amount of holes with a toothpick to obtain good airflow. 

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3- Manage Your Heat

When adding charcoal to your bowl, you want to ensure that your using just the right amount. Too much heat will scorch your flavour resulting in a very un-pleasurable smoke while too little heat will most likely result in wispy smoke or nothing at all. We usually recommend you start off with two natural charcoals to start off your session. You can then decide if you would like to add a third to up the ante a bit or keep it where its at. Throughout your session you'll most likely decide if you need more or less heat based on the results of your smoke produced. 

4- Get On The Right Level

Your water level in your base plays a major role on how your pipe smokes. With too little water you won't be able to generate enough smoke and at times you may feel like your just inhaling air. Too much water and you'll probably end up filling your lungs with H20 rather than smoke. When pouring water into your vase, make sure that the level is just an inch above the bottom bell of your stem. This will provide enough air density into the base to produce smoke and will prevent water from entering your hose when inhaling.

5- Seal Them Tight

Our last quick tip is to ensure that your hookah is completely sealed. Ensure all your parts are tight so that when you inhale your hookah there are no air leaks. Your bowl should be attached to your stem with a gasket so that it is firm preventing it to fall off throughout your session. Your hose should be also attached to the stem with a silicone gasket to obtain a flawless inhale. The base and stem should be secured with a rubber grommet to prevent air from entering or smoke escaping. With an airtight setup, your pastime will be a lot more enjoyable and you will achieve those fluffy smoke clouds we often long for.

So there you have it folks! With these quick tips and a little bit of practice we ensure your smoke sessions will become a lot more enjoyable. We hope you enjoyed this quick read on hookah tips for beginners! Please leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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