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Hookah Tricks and Tips For Beginners

by Oxide Hookah 01 Dec 2022 0 Comments
Hookah Tricks and Tips For Beginners

With any new hobby comes learning! Hookah smoking is a hobby of your pastime. If you are starting to smoke hookah, there are a few tricks you want to familiarize yourself with before evolving into a pro. Today we will go over a few tips on how to get started and how you can improve your sessions by following just a few simple steps! We will also get into some smoke tricks for your entertainment. Let's tackle some hookah smoke tricks and tips for beginners!

Hookah Tricks & Tips

We have gone ahead and separated both tips & tricks into two categories. Check out both to become a pro.

List of Hookah Tips

  1. Get To Know All Your Parts
  2. Pack Shisha Tobacco With Ease
  3. Manage Heat From Coals Appropriately
  4. Get Your Water Level Right
  5. Seal All Components Tight

List of Hookah Tricks

  1. The Ghost Inhale
  2. Smoke Rings
  3. French Inhale
  4. Waterfall Smoke Trick

Hookah Tips

1- Get To Know All Your Parts

Hookahs are a lot less complicated than many seem to perceive. Foremost, a hookah is not a vaporizer or considered a bong. Hookah's origins are back centuries and were initially utilized for medicinal intents in India but ultimately made its path through trade in Middle Eastern Kingdoms. Wealthy families began to operate the apparatus to smoke tobacco as a recreation. If you had smoked one about four centuries ago, you were probably a monarch, prince or relatively ranking. Pretty big deal! 

Today, it is a shared hobby on an international level. The format of a shisha pipe is relatively straightforward and made of a few core parts. A bowl filled with flavoured tobacco or herbal molasses sits on a stem (also called a shaft). The pipe's stem sits on a glass bottom (also named a base or vase). The base holds water to purify particles and generate smoke. A hose is fastened to a port on the hookah stem to enable a person to inhale. Smoke is created from the bowl by heating the tobacco with charcoal. It is as simple as that.

 2- Pack Shisha Tobacco With Ease

Packing your bowl is what truthfully creates a difference when enjoying your session. Of course, packing isn't science. When it comes down to loading up your bowl, you would have to determine which tobacco you are using and what technique you would use to fill a bowl. Let's use the most common molasses on the market as an example, which happens to be Al-Fakher. Executing a superb session with AF is simple. All that's required to pack a bowl using this branded tobacco is to delicately sprinkle in your shisha loosely so that it's fluffed up and reaches slightly below the rim of the hookah bowl by at most one millimetre. You want to ensure that heat will transfer and disperse throughout the entire bowl. Load the molasses into the bowl at an even and loose distribution. Do not cram down or flatten the surface to allow enough airflow to move throughout the head. When adding foil to your head, be sure you retain a drum-like consistency and poke a reasonable amount of holes with a toothpick to obtain adequate airflow. 

3- Manage Heat From Coals Appropriately

When adding charcoal to your bowl, you want to ensure that your using just the right amount. Excessive heat will scorch your flavouring resulting in an unpleasant smoke. Similarly, insufficient heat will presumably result in a wispy haze or nothing at all. We usually advise you to start with two natural charcoals for your session. You can then determine if you would like to add a third to increase the ante or preserve it with just two. Throughout your session, you'll most likely decide if you need more or less heat based on the results of your smoke produced. 

4- Get Your Water Level Right

The water level in your glass underpart is a significant factor to consider to ensure your hookah functions well. Lacking water won't generate enough smoke causing you to sense like your just inhaling air. Over spew the water level, you'll likely fill your lungs with H20 instead of smoke. When pouring water into your glass, level it at just an inch above the footing of your stem. Following the process will supply adequate air density into the base to build up smoke and prevent water from entering your hose when inhaling.

5- Seal All Components Tight

Our final tip is pretty straightforward. Inspect to confirm your hookah remains sealed correctly and that no air can enter or escape. Assure all parts stay fitted so that when you inhale your pipe, there are no air leaks. Your bowl should be fastened to your stem with a gasket so that it is firm to prevent it from falling off during a session. Your hose needs to be secure to the pipe stem with a silicone seal to acquire an ideal inhale. Upon further examination, the glass base and shaft should be linked with a rubber grommet to deter air from entering and smoke from escaping. With an airtight form, your recreational hobby will be more satisfying with the accomplishment of those velvety haze clouds you desire.

Hookah Smoke Tricks

1- The Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale trick is an eye-catching, cool smoke trick that is effortless to master. To best describe what a ghost-inhale is, it's when your smoking a hookah and you exhale thick smoke in an orb-like formation and respire the smoke back in. This stunt seems complicated at first sight but can be accomplished with some rehearsal.

To do this maneuver, inhale a dense draw of smoke, but retain it within your mouth. Avoid inhaling or exhaling the smoke, otherwise, you will ruin the trick. Allow the smoke to set in your chops for a couple of seconds, then slowly release the smoke by utilizing your tongue. Let it seep out like a ghost or a genie in a bottle. Avoid a full-throttle exhale so that you don't chase the smoke away. The moment the shisha smoke is released, whiff it back in.

2 - Smoke Rings

Blowing out smoke rings is one of the oldest and most effortless tricks in the Smoker's Handbook. It's an easy stunt to maneuver but still gaze-capturing every time it's pulled off in public.

To prepare to set this trick up, you need to smoke, so take a deep inhale from your hookah pipe. Once you've taken a drag, allow the smoke to settle into your jaws for a few seconds. Now that you got your smoke where it's supposed to be, without exhaling, open your mouth and with your lips make the formation an O. For the final step, do not completely exhale your smoke otherwise your just smoking funny. In order to complete the stunt, you must utilize the back of your throat to push out the smoke by opening and closing. The short throat motions will discharge a slight amount of smoke in the formation of a circle rather than a full cloud of vapour. Doing this stunt is pretty simple and with a bit of routine, you can skillfully maneuver it.

3 - French Inhale

French inhale is one of the cooler smoke tricks out there! It's a pretty straightforward ploy. This trick delivers some glances of impressment and appears to be deceiving to those watching. When pulling it off, it will appear as if a chain of smoke is circulating through your mouth and nose.

To get this trick started, take a drag of smoke. Furthermore, preserve the smoke in your mouth. Once ready, let the smoke exude out steadily and slowly. Don't blow out the smoke, you'll want to hold your breath for this one. Once it oozes out, inhale slowly through your nose while keeping your mouth open. If needed, try to extend your jaw forward to enable a more efficient approach to the french inhale.

4- Waterfall Smoke Trick

This stunt is probably the easiest smoke trick to pull off when smoking shisha, especially if you have a cup near you. This plot makes it seem like you are pouring smoke out of a cup, hence the name Smoke Waterfall is given.

For this one, all you need to do is grab a cup full of ice, inhale smoke from your hookah and then slowly exhale the smoke into the cup. Once you've done that, tip over your cup or bottle. The trick will look as if smoke is being poured out similar to liquid oozing out smoothly from a bottle. This reaction occurs because the ice cools down the smoke, making it heavier in velocity.

Enjoy Your Smoke

So there you have it! With these quick suggestions and tricks, and a little practice, we guarantee your sessions will evolve to be more pleasurable. We hope you appreciated this brief read on how to enhance your hookah for thicker and enjoyable smoke alongside some classic tricks you can do! Please leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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