New Hookah Products For Sale

Looking for a new hookah? Need a new replacement hose? Curious about the newest hookah heat management system? Oxide Hookah has you covered! Stay updated on our latest hookah products by viewing this collection. We update all of our latest hookah products for ale in this section!

Featured Hookah & Shisha Products (29)

Oduman Ignis Heat Management System

$39.99 CAD$64.99 CAD

oBowl V2 Aluminum Hookah Bowl (MIC)

$75.00 CAD

Kaloud Lotus I+

$94.99 CAD$104.99 CAD

Kaloud Lotus 2 Hookah Heat Management System

$109.95 CAD$129.95 CAD

Hoob Mars C

$499.99 CAD

AOT Carbon1 Hookah Stem

$309.99 CAD$349.99 CAD

SAOCCA Hookah (Stem & Tray)

$399.95 CAD

Zahrah Spade Junior Hookah Stem

$149.95 CAD

Regal Prince Hookah (Light Pine Wood)

$359.99 CAD