Oduman Gusto 35

$224.95 CAD
$224.95 CAD $274.99 CAD

Introducing the all new Oduman Gusto 35 Shisha Pipe. This is the latest hookah developed by the company which generally produces all glass hookahs with stainless steel stems and ports. With this model, Oduman decided to switch it up a bit and create a traditional styled hookah with a new and modern design. The young Turk shisha pipe stands at 35 cm tall and is sculptured out of solid stainless steel to perfection. This actually smokes with fines and is made for those who enjoy the simple things in life that have a lot to offer. This a significant upgrade to the small hookah category in which it offers high performance and beauty all around! If you are looking for something that is smaller but performs at full throttle, this little guy is it. Included is a screw-on styled base, silicone hose and a stainless steel handle. Pick up this luxury hookah today for an excellent smoking experience!

Oduman Gusto Package

The parts and accessories included are the following items as a complete bundle.

  1. Stainless Steel stem with INOX surface finish.
  2. Mouth blown base with secure fasten capability
  3. Medical and health grade hose
  4. All stainless hose handle and mouth piece.


The complete dimensions of this Cachimba hookah are as described:
  • Height: 16 Inches Tall
  • Diameter: 6.3 Inches Wide
  • Total Weight : 2.6 KG

What Other Features Does This Hookah Include?

Unlike any other modern designed pipes manufactured, this specific model includes an INOX finish which in other terms is a coating to prevent corrosion to the highest extent. INOX also gives it that pleasing look for a more modern appeal and a picture perfect session. The small Turk also includes a built in diffuser to allow silky smooth sessions filled with clouds of flavoured smoke with little to no noise. The built in diffuser also takes away any restrictions when inhaling.

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