MIG Mini Tradi Shisha Pipe (Silver V2A Steel)

$699.95 CAD
$699.95 CAD
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The MIG Tradi Mini shisha pipe is finally here in Canada. Oxide hookah is proud to announce the latest MIG hookah, the Mini Tradi designed out of V2A stainless steel. If you are a fan of traditional hookah pipes then this guy is for you. Using modern German technology to engineer a traditional design. 

MIG Mini Tradi Specifications

The MIG Mini Tradi shisha pipe is built to last a lifetime. This stainless steel does not corrode overtime with use. Classical design with modern high end materials. Below are some more in depth specs.

  • German engineered stainless steel
  • Traditional hookah design
  • Plug & smoke hose port
  • Natural silver finish
  • Easy smoking wide chamber
  • Limited edition
  • Stands at approximately 18 inches tall
  • Compatible with silicone hoses
  • Universal fit for hookah bowls (excluding male port shisha heads

MIG Tradi Mini V2A Shisha Pipe Equipment Included

This hookah pipe includes the following

  • Tradi Mini Hookah Stem
  • Boho Hookah Base 
  • Shisha Coal Tray
  • Shisha vase gasket
  • Hose Port attachment