MIG Tradi Hookah Mini (Gold)

$649.95 CAD
$649.95 CAD
Base Style

The MIG Tradi Hookah mini in Gold is finally at Oxide Hookah. This shisha pipe is the only model by MIG that is designed and manufactured out of brass. Brass as you know has been the traditional material for manufacturing hookahs. Using german technologies, MIG has created an absolute masterpiece of a traditional shisha. Pick up your new MIG Tradi mini hookah at Oxide today!

MIG Tradi Hookah Features

  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • Solid Brass Material
  • Modern German engineering to make a traditional design
  • Great for those who love to smoke double apple or grape
  • Plug & smoke hookah hose adaptor feature
  • Works with all female port hookah bowls
  • Compatible with silicone hookah hoses
  • Gold finish
  • Compatible with standard and traditional vases
  • Stands at 18 Inches tall

MIG Tradi Shisha Mini Included Equipment

  • Tradi Mini Shisha Stem in Gold
  • Authentic MIG Gold shisha coal tray
  • Hose Adaptor
  • Crystal shisha base
  • Stem and base gasket for attachment