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Oduman N2 Travel (Clear)

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The Oduman N2 Mini Travel Hookah pipe is now available at Oxide Hookah Canada! Oduman N2 Travel Glass Mini is the latest of portable hookahs design by Oduman Glass Pipe and accessories. This is the smaller version of its older predecessor the original N2 full size glass hookah. Designed with dual thick glass walls and corrosion proof stainless steel stem and ports, this is built for portability in its small compact size. This pipe also delivers on performance providing you with a shisha session full of sweet fluffy clouds that will blow you away! The hookah stem includes a built in diffuser to allow a wide gauge for no restrictions when inhaling smoke. Oduman designed this hookah specifically for those who love to travel with their hookah in style while maintaining performance at its full potential! The company is well known in Europe for their outstanding quality glass and stainless steel build and finish

Whats Included?

This product includes the following accessories below:

  1. Dual wall glass base
  2. Stainless Stem and ports with built in Diffuser
  3. Travel Hookah Bag
  4. Medical grade silicone hose with steel handle.
  5. Stainless Steel Tray


  • 8 Inches Tall
  • 4.5 Inches Wide
  • 2 KG in weight

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Alex S.
Super quality

I am really impressed by the customer service. The shipping was fast and I even received a call to answer some of my questions.

I will be recommending this place to anyone that needs hookah products!