Shika Legend Hookah - Electroplated Shika v4.5

Shika Legend Electroplated V4.5

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Shika Legend Hookah

Introducing the 37" Shika Legend Hookah Pipe, Solid brass & electroplated in two amazing finishes of red & blue. This shisha pipe is one of the most astonishing pieces from the Shika V4.5 line. Looking for something that will spark a conversation & be the centre piece of the room? Then this is! The electroplated shisha pipe is long in size and smoke like a beast! Get this full bodied clouds of amazing aroma and flavour. Unlike its predecessor the Shika v4.5 Dual Legend, this hookah is a little taller and smoother for a sweet and relaxing smoke session. Enjoy a wide draw with it open traditional chamber. All pipes from Shika Hookah featured on our website are genuine & authentic straight out of Egypt!

This Authentic Hookah Includes 

The complete Legend hookah set includes the following

  • 37" Legend Electroplated Shisha Stem
  • Genuine Glass Base by Shika
  • Tongs For Charcoal
  • Oblivion Bowl
  • Typhoon Washable Hose
  • Electro-plated tray for coals
  • Base gasket & grommets