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Regal King Hookah (Melech)

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$489.95 CAD
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The king of kings is here. Meet the Regal King hookah. Conquer all hookah setups in the room with this beautifully designed collector's piece. Inspired by the game of chess, Regals are a world renowned hookah brand that have swiftly taken over the hookah scene, check-mate! Each King hookah is individually hand-crafted in sunny San Diego, CA, USA. Also known as the Regal Melech, it is made of exotic woods and are limited in quantity due to the lengthy manufacturing process to make each wooden stem. Known for their smooth and wide draw, this pipe hits like no other hookah Enjoy the best shisha sessions each and every single time. Be the envy of all your adversaries.


  • Stands 33 Inches Tall
  • Exotic Hand Carved Wood
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • Corrosion Proof

In The Box

Each Regal Hookah King stem is designed and handcrafted in San Diego, CA, USA. Oxide Hookah ensures each hookah is inspected and quality controlled before shipping out to you. Included with this hookah are the following:

Please note, each item may vary from colour to colour slightly as these are handcrafted shisha pipes.