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How To Use The Oduman Ignis

by Oxide Hookah 31 Jul 2018 0 Comments
How To Use The Oduman Ignis Tutorial

How To Use The Oduman Ignis

Today we are going to discuss how to use the Oduman Ignis heat management system. For starters the Oduman Ignis is a hookah heat controller designed to manage your hookah sessions in a simpler manner. The Oduman Ignis was first introduced in North America in 2016 by Oxide Hookah and quickly became a hit for hookah smokers. The Oduman Ignis came at a time where the Kaloud Lotus was still in its original state (Lotus V1) with a flat surface and the capability of using only two cubed charcoals. Ignis however came designed with the capability of holding 3 large cubed coals and also had carriers to keep airflow beneath the coals to prevent blacking out. This was a huge improvement for hookah enthusiasts which quickly made the Oduman Ignis a leading heat management system based on design and functionality. In 2016, this was the first time that a hookah heat management system had these features, however Kaloud recently updated its model and made similar improvements to compete with other brands. So now that you have a bit of a background story on what the Oduman Ignis heat manager is and how it came to be, lets dive in to how to use the Ignis properly.


Step 1 - Pack Your Hookah Bowl

Properly Packed Hookah Bowl

To properly use the Oduman Ignis, the first step is to properly pack your hookah bowl. Depending on the type of tobacco you are using, you want to ensure your packing just about 1 mm below the rim of the hookah bowl. This allows a bit of space for just the right amount of heat to transfer into your bowl from the Oduman Ignis heat manager. To further perfect your hookah bowl packing skills, we recommend you check out our post on How To Pack The Perfect Shisha Bowl.


Step 2 - Get Your Hookah Coals Ready

Light Natural Hookah Coals

You can do this step before or after packing your hookah depending on how fast you want to get smoking. We reccomend you use natural hookah coals when using the Oduman Ignis for best results. Organic hookah coals tend to last way longer than quick lights (up to 45 minutes longer) and provide a smoother and cleaner session. Make sure when lighting your natural hookah coals that they are completely lit and amber before using. If you are unsure of how to light natural hookah charcoal, check out our guide on How To Properly Light Natural Hookah Coals.


Step 3 - Place The Oduman Ignis On To Your Bowl

Oduman Ignis Placed On Hookah Bowl

This step is fairly obvious. Once you have your bowl packed properly and your coals fully lit, its time to add your Oduman Ignis on to your hookah bowl. Using the Oduman Ignis eliminates the use of tin foil for your session, so no need to pack holes or seal foil on air tight. Simply place the Ignis on to your bowl in perfect alignment so that the air vents within the Ignis are placed directly over your shisha to transfer heat. Most hookah bowls are 3 inches in diameter and are made specifically to be compatible with Hookah HMD's so this shouldn't be hard to align. If you are using a lipped hookah bowl, then theres no need to make any adjustments as lipped bowls will carry the hookah heat manager in proper placement.


Step 4 - Add Lit Natural Hookah Coals

Hookah Charcoal Added to Oduman Ignis

Now to get your Oduman Ignis warmed up. Grab your hookah tongs and add in the fully lit hookah coals! Depending on how you like your smoke sessions going, we suggest using 2-3 coals but thats all up to you! Place your coals so that the charcoal sits over the bottom internal vents for proper heat transfer! Now all you have to do is assemble the lid that is included on top of the base and charcoal carrier of the Ignis! Allow 2-3 minutes for your Oduman Ignis device to properly transfer enough heat to your shisha for a steady and pleasurable session.


Step 5 - Smoke & Enjoy 

How To Use Oduman Ignis Hookah Heat Manager

The time has come where you can relax and enjoy your smoke session using the Oduman Ignis! The process of using the Oduman is fairly simple but requires a bit of knowledge on how to manage the heat properly. Here are a few quick tips when using the Ignis throughout the session:


Oduman Ignis User Tips:

  • Manage your heat by using the handle to swivel top vents for more or less heat
  • Do not close the vents completely as this will cause your coals to suffocate and black out
  • IF the smoke session gets too hot, take off the top lid and allow some heat to release
  • End your sessions by either shutting the vents completely or by removing your charcoal
  • Allow 20 minutes for your Oduman Ignis to cool down before handling
  • Do not touch the Oduman Ignis when charcoals are placed in
  • Do not place your Ignis on burner, it will melt!


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