Mason Tymber Hose

$89.99 CAD
$89.99 CAD $104.99 CAD

Introducing the new Tymber Hose by Mason Shishaware! Designed with precision and focused on detail, this product checks off all of the requirements as a premium hookah hose for your shisha sessions! This includes a washable silicone tubing that with a Maple-Wood mouthpiece and high quality durable acrylic handle. The soft touch silicone itself is kink proof as it includes an aluminum coil near the attachment port piece to prevent any sort of air restriction throughout your sessions. This Mason product is also flavour ghost resistant and can be used to enjoy any shisha flavour. Tymber is also lightweight weighing in at only 5 oz. The premium hookah hose is fully washable and requires little maintenance.  The tubing for this model is unrestricted concluding to a wide open  draw of smoke full of amazing flavour! The modular design allows you to also change out the handles and mouth pieces to customize for your liking as more accessories become available at Oxide Hookah.

Did Somebody Say Timber?

Hurry and grab yours today! This item by Mason Shishaware is for those who enjoy the finer things in life! Designed in the USA out of high quality materials. Satisfaction guaranteed and meets all standards as a premium accessory. With its no-restriction draw, kink proof silicone and ghost resistant interior, it will please you by providing an easy and calming smoke session with little maintenance required. Customize your smoking piper with new handles and exotic mouth tips as they become available at Oxide Hookah. 


  • When washing, remove wooden mouthpiece & handle as necessary. Ensure to gently dry the wooden handle and mouth piece if water makes contact.
  • To mod and interchange, remove wooden parts by twisting and pulling apart gently.
  • Ensure to keep kink coil dry at all times to prevent any corrosion overtime.