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Shika Hookahs V4.5

Designed Unlike Any Other Egyptian Hookah

Shika Hookahs are the latest and greatest traditional hookahs on the market. Each Shika Hookah is made with love. The process of manufacturing a Shika Hookah isn't a simple process. Each Shika is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans focused on bringing you the most artistic and high performing hookahs. well known for their craftsmanship, a Shika Hookah stem takes roughly a weeks worth of work to hand-etch and assemble to its final form. Built of brass, a Shika will outperform its competitors and last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Each hookah comes with the accessories required to fulfill a smoke session. 


Produced using the highest quality of materials! Each Shika Hookah is hand-built and assembled with brass and copper down stems.


Every Shika Hookah is built on precision. The smallest details are worked on with time & and effort by hand. Each etching is engraved with accuracy & consistency.


Shika Hookahs outperform any traditional hookah on the market! With a wide open draw and copper down stem, enjoy the thickest & cleanest clouds.

Featured Shika V4.5 Hookahs Models at Oxide Hookah

Shika Genie Hookah For Sale

Shika Genie Hookah V4.5

All brass with beautiful hand etched engravings. The Genie will grant your "wish" for a smoother session.

Shika Dual Legend Hookah

Shika Dual Legend V4.5

All brass anodized model with dual coating of black & blue or red & blue. Pick up your favourite combination!

Shika Pen Pen Table Top Hookah

Shika Pen Pen V4.5

Black on Black on Black! The Shika Pen Pen is an all brass hookah with an anodized black coating. The perfect tabletop hookah pipe.

Shika Tyrion Hookah For Sale

Shika Tyrion V4.5

All new redesigned Shika Tyrion! Larger ports and new arabesque calligraphic etchings.

Shika Skyrim Hookah For Sale

Shika Skyrim V4.5

Produce large fluffy clouds that reach the sky with the new Shika SkyRim. All brass beauty.

Shika Sorya Mini Beast Hookah

Shika Sorya Mini V4.5

The only Shika Hookah in our collection with a mixture of brass & stainless! Another beautiful tabletop hookah.

Shika Hookah Tray

Shika hookahs are known for their superior quality and mesmerizing looks. The detail put into each hookah is astonishing. Shika Hookah didn't stop there though. Asides from taking the time to add detail into their stems, they've gone the extra mile and have put just as much into their hookah charcoal trays. Each golden brass Shika Hookah includes a beautiful genuine Shika tray decorated with hand etched engravings. 

Shika Mini Hookahs

Looking for a tabletop hookah? Want something portable & easy to clean? Look no further with our newly added Shika Mini Hookahs!

Shika Hookah V4.5 Models 

With the latest Shika Hookahs, multiple changes and adjustments have been made to improve your sessions. Each Shika now includes a larger purge valve for easy smoke release so that you never have to deal with stale smoke. The new Shika v4.5 models also include larger hose port chambers for an easier and smoother draw. Enjoy your hookah smoke sessions with no restriction at all and experience the true flavour of your molasses of choice!

Shika Hookahs Are Limited 

Not only are Shika Hookahs unique in the way they are manufactured but they are also limited in quantity! Each Shika Hookah is uniquely designed and comes with its own personalized hookah accessories. Shika hookahs are only produced once on an annual basis and are considered a season item. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Hurry & pick one up today!