The Best Hookah Brands

Oxide Hookah is Canada's leading hookah/shisha retailer! We offer the best hookah pipes from top brands around the globe!

Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon is the oldest name in the industry. The factory opened up in the late 1870's and still runs till this day. KM's are made by hand and use mainly brass to design their stems.


Shika Hookahs

Shika is a newer Egyptian company. They manufacture in Egypt but are more of a luxury hookah brand in terms of design and modern functionality.



Modern pipe designer that focuses on building its products out of carbon fiber, aluminum and silicone.


Hoob Hookahs

High End and expensive but utilize quality materials to develop its products. Hoobs are disassemble-able pipes and are popular for their smooth thick smoke production.


Regal Hookahs

Premium wooden hookah stems designed and manufactured in the USA out of exotic woods. Known for wide-open gauge for easy and smooth smoking.


Oduman Hookahs

Turkish pipes that are made out of glass and stainless steel. Oduman hookahs are Europe's leading brand.


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