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    Natural Hookah Charcoal Canada

    Quality Hookah coals are a vital factor for achieving the perfect hookah session. Regardless of which tobacco you choose to use for your sessions, one thing that needs to always be considered is the type of heat you are using to get your sessions going. At Oxide Hookah, we want to ensure that all Canadians who choose to smoke shisha are getting the best results, therefore we provide only the best of hookah charcoal. Natural Hookah Coals are the best type of product to use to heat up your shisha sessions. They are made of organic materials and do not give off dangerous toxins or harsh scents when smoking. Check out our collection of the top hookah coals on the market.



    Hookah Coals 

    Natural Hookah Charcoal Collection


    Titanium Hookah Coals by HookahJohn

    CocoUrth Hookah Coals - Natural Hookah Charcoal

    Titanium Hookah Charcoal

    HookahJohn Titanium Hookah Coals

    CocoUrth Hookah Charcoal

    Cocourth Hookah Coals - Natural Hookah Charcoal Canada