Alpaca Goodfella Bowl

$42.99 CAD
$42.99 CAD

Goodfella 5.0 Hookah Bowl by Alpaca Bowl Company

Goodfella you say? The Alpaca goodfella v4.5 bowl has now arrived in Canada! Featuring a wide inner spire to provide that perfect airflow for an easy and relaxing hookah session. This bowl is shallow to allow you to use less shisha (roughly 15-20 grams of shisha) and fits all heat management devices. You won't be disappointed with its beautiful deep black glaze either! Pick up your Alpaca Goodfella today and join the goodfella squad. 

Packing The Goodfella Hookah Bowl

Goodfella Hookah bowl was designed for those who love an open draw when enjoying a shisha session. With its wide spire, Goodfella hookah bowl will allow full airflow and no restriction whatsoever. Packing the Alpaca Goodfella hookah bowl is simple as well. The common method for packing major shisha brands such as Al-Fakher, Starbuzz or fumari is a simple fluff pack. Simply grab a pinch of shisha sprinkle in so that its fluffed and airy to allow full heat transfer within the molasses. if your using dark leaf molasses, add in your shisha densely to get optimal performance. 

Goodfella Bowl V4 Measurements

Being a Goodfella, is hookah bowl stands at about 4 inches tall and about 3 inches in diameter which will allow you to use a Kaloud Lotus or Oduman Ignis. Goodfella v4 hookah bowl holds up to 20 grams of shisha. 

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