MIG Air Force Hookah L Model

$649.95 CAD
$649.95 CAD $699.95 CAD
Base Style

The MIG Air Force L model is the largest of the three sizes manufactured by MIG. This is a German machined shisha pipe designed out of solid stainless steel (V2A Grade). Easy plug and smoke hookah hose port. Silver in colour with the option of colour and style for a hookah base. Unlike other MIG hookahs, the Air Force model is compatible with traditional shisha bases rather than a screw on type vase. This hookah include a bohemian crystal base made in the Czech Republic. 

Air Force One Shisha Specifications

This high end hookah is built out of solid stainless steel and is built to last. German engineering at its finest. MIG (Made In Germany) are the worlds most famous hookah brand. Consider these guys the BMW or Audi of the hookah world. If you love German imports, then here is your new baby.

  • Designed out of V2A steel
  • Made In Germany
  • Produced by Machine
  • Silver in finish
  • Compatible with traditional hookah bases
  • Perfect draw for smoking
  • Plug and smoke feature (compatible with any silicone hose)
  • All clay bowls fit the MIG Air-Force L (excluding bowls with male ports)

MIG Air Force Hookah Equipment Included

  • MIG Air-Force One L Model shisha stem
  • Genuine shisha coal tray
  • Hose port adaptor
  • Bohemian crystal base
  • Vase gasket