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    Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

    Alien Mini Description

    From the creator who brought you the harmony bowl and 80 feet bowl, the HJ Alien Phunnel Bowl is the accessory each hookah smoker should have in their collection. Designed exclusively for short sessions. With the Alien mini phunnel bowl you are guaranteed to only use a maximum 10-15 grams of shisha flavour for your hookah session. The design of this bowl was inspired by the Tangiers small phunnel bowl, which was the first and original phunnel styled hookah bowl available on the market. Hand-made with high quality American clay and sculptured to perfection the Alien Mini will surely satisfy you for a good 30-45 minutes! Comes in a variety of different colours & fits most modern & traditional hookahs. The Alien Phunnel also works with various heat management devices. Pick up an Alien mini hookah bowl today!

    Alien Phunnel Bowl Measurements

    The Alien Mini Phunnel bowl is designed to use minimal amounts of shisha and is commonly used for short and quick sessions that last in between 30-45 minutes. As mentioned this bowl was inspired the original Tangiers Bowl which was the first phunnel designed bowl to carry the least amount of shisha. Commonly used with dark leaf tobacco brands such as Tangiers, which tends to last even longer. Alien designs a new way of smoking for those who just want a quick one to start a long day! 

    HJ Alien Phunnel Hookah Bowl

    Height: 4 inches
    Diameter: 2.5 inches
    Volume: 10-15 grams

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