Hoob Navi

$649.99 CAD
$649.99 CAD

Looking for the next best hookah? The Future is here! The Hoob Navi is the latest and greatest hookah from Hoob. From the Futurist line, this is like no other hookah on the market. Its design is simply brilliant and is manufactured with high quality aluminum and acrylic materials. This model has a double hose feature and includes a duals purge valve system. It also obtains a magnetic lock system to ensure a secure seal and creates a flawless and pure experience when smoking. Included with the Navi is a silicone hose with a space grey aluminum handle and LED's to set the right mood.

Hoob Navi C Specifications

Anodized Aluminum stem with stainless steel downstem pipe and acrylic water tank. Comes as a complete bundle with all necessary items included.

  • Hoob Magnetic Lock® System
  • Shockproof Acrylic Base
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Downstem Diameter: Ø13mm;
  • Hose Connector Diameter: Ø10мм;
  • Double Purge Valve System
  • 2 Hookah Hose Ports for dual smoke
  • Stainless Steel Charcoal Hookah Tray
  • Built in Diffuser