What Are Hookah Coals Made Of

What Are Hookah Coals Made Of?

What Are Hookah Coals Made Of?

In todays discussion, we will discuss the process behind the manufacturing of natural hookah coals and what materials are used to produce coconut hookah coals. Coconut natural coals are a cleaner and smarter alternative to quick light coals. At one point quick light coals were the go to charcoal simply because of simplicity and efficiency. With one spark of a lighter, you'd have a full lit hookah coal in just seconds. Fast forward to the hookah world of 2018, hookah smokers have become more cautious of what they consume and how the consume it. As we all know by now, quick lights are the cause of massive headaches and horrible sessions due to they're high benzene content and unnatural non-organic materials used for production. Simplicity isn't always the best way to go. Today natural hookah coals are the new and healthy way of going about smoking your hookah sessions....not that smoking is healthy but we all try to keep smart health choices even for our vices! So, what are natural hookah coals made of? Why are they better for our sessions and how do we know they are actually safe? Well lets dive in and break down how natural organic hookah coals are actually manufactured and produced.

Natural Charcoal Ingredients

When manufacturing and producing natural hookah charcoal we wonder often if the  ingredients are actually organic or is it just an advertising scheme. Well, the good news is that coconut charcoals in most cases are made of 100% organic materials. At Oxide Hookah we carry the ones we are sure of such as Cocourth Hookah Charcoal and Titanium coals by HookahJohn. The following ingredients are used to produce these two brands of natural hookah coals behind a procedure to shape and mold each individual cube fro your hookah sessions. 


Ingredients Used to Produce Natural Hookah Coals


How Coconut Coals Are Made

The process of producing millions of pieces of natural charcoal is a step by step process that involves time and patience. As mentioned above, coconut coals require one main key ingredient to produce functional coal...coconuts of course. The process of extracting coconut shell is all done by hand using a small tool to remove the shell in between the husk and the coconut meat. After having the coconut shell extracted and cleaned, the coconut shells are left to dry for days at time to remove all moisture within the shell. Once the shells are inspected and completely dry, the shells are thrown in barrels and are ignited to burn till they are completely charred so that the remains are easy to break and crush. After being charred, the shells are crushed into a powder substance and the remains are mixed in with water and a starch extract from cassava root. The ingredients are mixed in together till a play-dough like substance is created and which is then thrown into an  extruder machine to be molded and cut into the desired shape of liking for mass production. Once extruded, the molded coals are left to dry and then baked to create the final hard product. The coals are then cooled and packaged to ship off to its final destination! 



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