Narbeast Washable Hose in Black
Narbeast Hookah Hose in Blue - Oxide Hookah Narbeast Washable Hookah Hose in Pink
Narbeast Washable Hookah Hose in Red
Narbeast Washable Shisha Hose in White

NarBEAST Washable Hose

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NarBEAST Hookah Hose

The newest addition the the HJ hookah hose line-up, the NarBEAST washable hose! With the success of its predecessor the Narbish Hose, this new traditional model is even better and even more sturdier! The hookah hose is now larger in diameter to provide more airflow for a smoother smoke session. The hose is longer than the narbish with a total length of 72 inches. This accessory is for those who love the traditional look of a shisha hose but want to be able to switch out flavours using the same accessory. A great piece by HookahJohn that is 100% washable and comes with a detachable mouthpiece. Get into "Beast Mode" and pick up one up today for a better, smoother & longer smoke session! Available in 5 different colours to match your hookah!