Mexanika Smoke GL Steam Machine Hookah (Cross Hatch)

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Mexanika Smoke GL Steam Machine Hookah (Cross Hatch)

The Mexanika Smoke GL Steam machine hookah is now available at Oxide Hookah. This Mexanika hookah is made of solid stainless steel and is a Russian Hookah. The Mexanika GL is unique due to its cross hatch design engraved in the hookah stem. This particular model stands at roughly 30 inches tall when assembled with a large hookah base. 

Mexanika Smoke GL

  • All Stainless Steel Hookah Stem
  • Cross hatch design
  • Fits large traditional and modern hookah bases
  • Stands at 30 inches tall
  • Compatible with silicone hookah hoses
  • Compatible with all modern design hookah bowls
  • Chimney style purge valve system
  • Sleek modern hookah design
  • Made in Russia

Mexanika GL Hookah

The Mexanika GL Hookah model includes the following:

  • Cross hatch stainless steel stem
  • Genuine Mexanika smoke hookah tray
  • Stainless steel mouth piece
  • Purge valve ball bearing
  • Hookah base silicone gasket

Mexanika hookah stems do not include glass bases or silicone hoses.