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HookahJohn (HJ) Bowls, Hoses and Charcoal

Choose from a selection of HJ products! Purchase the HookahJohn Harmony Bowl, 80Feet Bowl, Narbish hose, Titanium Charcoal and a variety of other HookahJohn products! HookahJohn is a well known trademarked company in California, USA. Popular for his video reviews, hookah bowls & accessories John is a partner and friend of Oxide Hookah in Canada!

Hookah John has been a household name over the past 10 plus years. The company started off by selling Egyptian hookahs and accessories back in 2009 and has since expanded product categories and selection by introducing new hookah accessories and charcoal. HookahJohn is a based out of California and has produced some of the most amazing hookah bowls that are made our of high quality USA clay and glazes. Alongside the famous HJ bowls, HookahJohn created his own brand of charcoal called Titanium Natural Coals. Titanium coals are worldwide brand and are known for their consistency in burn and longevity.

Other products brought to you by HJ are the flavour saver heat manager, the Narbish Hose and Czech mate hookah bases which are produced and manufactured in the Czech Republic. HookahJohn Hookah bowls and accessories are great for consistency and quality for your hookah sessions.

Oxide Hookah has been a business partner of the Hookah John Company since 2014 and carries all of the products that HJ produces and carries. With Oxide Hookah being the leading hookah company in Canada, we offer free shipping on all orders $175 or more on all HookahJohn bowls and accessories. Long gone are the days of ordering from the USA and paying hefty shipping costs. Pick up your own HJ Bowl or Titanium coals from Oxide Hookah Canada today!

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