Alpaca LeRook

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$54.95 CAD

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Alpaca LeRook Hookah Bowl

This is the lipped version of the Alpaca rook bowl. Specifically designed for your heat management system to fit perfectly in the Kaloud Lotus or Oduman Ignis. This is one of the hookah bowls that really allows you to pack in your heat for your sessions. Designed as a phunnel style bowl and comes in a variety of different colours. This shisha head is designed to prevent flavours and juices from leaking into your hookah stem and equipment. These bowls are made of 100% American clay and glazes. Get yourself a new Alpaca bowl today at Oxide Hookah!

Alpaca LeRook Bowl Features

Designed for Hookah Heat Management systems. With its lipped design, it securely holds your heat management device like a glove and is compatible with such hmd's as the Kaloud Lotus or Oduman Ignis. This bowl is also designed to fit all modern and traditional hookahs. This is a phunnel bowl with a centre hole to allow maximum airflow. The highly functional and versatile head features only a center vent which differentiates it from its cousin product, the Lipache hookah bowl.

LeRook Bowl Dimensions

This shisha accessory fits all hookahs with a male bowl port. Below are the exact dimensions of the Alpaca LeRook Bowl.


    Diameter 3.5 Inches
    Height 4.25 Inches
     Volume 20 -30 grams of shisha


    For those looking for a shisha head designed to fit an hmd properly, we recommend this part to help modify your shisha pipe. This accessory fits almost any heat controller including the latest Zidclouds HMD. To enhance your smoke and flavour, the lipped version of the original models by the ABC company will do just that. This will satisfy you by making your sessions longer, thicker and more flavourful. These are handcrafted in the USA and are constantly being updated with new glazes. We ship this item internationally including expedited shipping to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Germany.