How To Pack The Perfect Shisha Bowl

How To Pack The Perfect Shisha Bowl

Learn How To Pack The Perfect Shisha Bowl

Today we are going to talk about packing the perfect bowl! Packing your bowl depends on three things. The first is the type of shisha tobacco you are using! Depending on which brand you are using, there are usually two tobacco types which are either really juicy or fairly dry. Once you figure out what type of tobacco your working with you will be able to to figure out which type of bowl you need to use which is our second consideration in order to pack the perfect bowl.

For juicier types of tobacco we recommend you use either a vortex or a Phunnel bowl and for drier types you want to use a regular Egyptian bowl.

Now the third and most important is packing the bowl. Depending on the brand you are using you either want to evenly sprinkle your tobacco into your bowl or evenly pack your bowl dense (most brands prefer you sprinkle your tobacco in the exception of Tangiers tobacco).

Regardless of which tobacco type you are using the #1 rule is to always pack your bowl just under the rim about 1 mm under so that the tinfoil and the tobacco do not have direct contact otherwise your more likely to scorch your tobacco preventing an enjoyable full long lasting session.  Now that you have packed your bowl seal with a sheet of tin-foil shiny side down. Make sure you seal your bowl tightly and that your tinfoil is not wrinkled but simply clean and drum like. Use HD foil for better results.

Now for poking your holes. Make sure to use a needle pin or a toothpick. You don't want to poke too many holes but you also don't want to poke to little either. Start by poking a circle from near the edge of your bowl and poke till you reach the centre. For Phunnel bowls we recommend to poke only 4-5 holes in the centre just enough for good airflow. For vortex bowls poke around the centre so that proper airflow occurs when inhaling. Egyptian bowls, poke normally till you reach the centre and put through one hole to the bottom of the bowl. Now that you have properly packed your bowl add charcoal and enjoy. We suggest you use natural coconut charcoals rather than quick lights for a more enjoyable and cleaner session.


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