How To Light Hookah Coals - Natural Hookah Charcoal

How To Light Natural Hookah Charcoal

Learn The Best Way to Light Natural Hookah Charcoal

We often get asked on how to light natural charcoal so today we are going to discuss just that! First of all you are going to need a few things to get your charcoals ready and going. Below are the requirements.




Now that we are prepared let us start off by plugging your single coil burner to an electric outlet. We want to make sure you are in an area that is ventilated so that your house doesn't stink up & you prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Although natural coconut charcoals are a better alternative they still give off a slight fume & C02. Set the coil burners temperature on high. Now add 2-4 pieces of charcoal to the coil burner ensuring they are evenly standing on the coils. We want to ensure that our charcoals are lit properly at the same time. Once you have done this all you have to do is simply wait till the charcoal is completely light. You may flip your charcoal once it is half way cooked to speed the process of things. Bake time usually takes up to 12 minutes for a properly lit charcoal.


How Do I Know If My Charcoals Are Completely Lit? 

To make sure that your charcoal is completely lit you want to ensure your charcoal has a layer of ash and that its glowing red. You want to ensure that your charcoal has no signs of the original black colour to ensure a safe smoke. If your charcoals still have a bit of black remaining just throw them on a little longer to prevent any harsh tastes or consuming C02.


How Do I Place My Coals on My Hookah?

Your coals are ready so now just simply use your tongs, grab your charcoals & place them on your hookah bowl. Same things applies if you are using a hookah Heat Management Device.


Things To Know

  • If your charcoals are lit do not leave them longer than necessary to cook. Turn off your coil burner if you need an extra few minutes to prepare your hookah so your coals don't shrink quicker.

  • Disposing your charcoals properly after use is very important. Place your charcoals in water for 2 minutes before disposing them in the garbage. These things took a while to heat up so you want to ensure are they completely cooled down before throwing out.

  • Keep your charcoals in a regular temperature area so that there are no problems lighting them up.


Charcoal Recommendations:

We currently carry the best of brands for natural hookah charcoal. Two brands we suggest are Titanium Hookah Charcoal by HookahJohn or Cocourth Natural Charcoal. Hope you enjoyed our How to Light Your Natural Hookah Charcoal Tutorial.


How To Light Hookah Coals Video 

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