Best Hookah Hoses of 2023

The Best Hoses Made For Hookah In 2023

In today's topic, we will be going through a list of 5 best hookah hoses on the market in 2023! Annually, we like to reflect on what accessories sold the best and why they sold so well. Ranging from build to performance, each hookah hose accessory have their own purpose and reasoning as to why they could be the best overall for individual needs. Today we'll be going through the top & best hoses of the year. So let us dive into it and discuss the why you should have one this year!

Top 5 Hoses For Hookahs

  1. Aluminum Handle D-Hose
  2. HJ NarBEAST Washable Hose
  3. Mason Tymber Premium Hose
  4. AOT Carbon1 Hose
  5. HJ Knurl Hose

1. Aluminum Handle D-Hose 

The Aluminum D-Hose has been around since 2014 and is the most common silicone hookah hose around. This hose was designed for a smoother and cleaner session utilizing a medical grade silicone and a long aluminum handle that comes in a variety of colours. To keep things in perspective, the D-Hose is one of the most economical modern hoses around. With this hose you will get a wide open draw throughout your sessions and you'll be able to interchange between flavors with its ghost-proof and washable interior. This item  is recommended for this who want to add a more modern touch to their pipe while maintaining a sanitary and smooth session.

2. HJ NarBEAST Hose

NarBEAST is the newest creation by HJ products! Its predecessor, the Narbish was a huge hit for the last 4 years due to its traditional design and washing capability which is uncommon with traditional looking pieces. Enter year 22, the NarBEAST washable hose is an upgrade to the Narbish with its 1 inch diameter for an even more open draw, a longer handle and a longer hose to prevent your pipe from falling over when sharing your session! We recommend this hose for anyone looking to keep the traditional look of their Egyptian or Turkish pipe while rotating between multiple flavours.

3. Mason Tymber Premium Hose

For those that love the finer things in life, the Mason Tymber hose is a must have. The Tymber is designed by Chicago based Mason Shishaware Products. This hose is fully equipped with hand crafted wooden mouth tips that are modular and interchangeable alongside an acrylic handle and medical grade soft touch silicone. The highest of quality materials for the best of sessions. The acrylic handle cancels out any rumbling you would normally feel from your water-pipe when smoking and sustains a smooth wide gauge drag for full flavour. The Tymber Hose by Mason is limited in production quantity and are a one-of-a-kind accessory.

4. AOT Carbon1 Hookah Hose

Alright car enthusiasts, we have the perfect hose for your smoking set-up! The Carbon1 by AOT. Fully equipped with a carbon fibre handle and soft touch silicone, this piece is for those who love high performance. The Carbon1 creates extremely smooth sessions and adds that nice modern touch to current set-up. The handle is extremely lightweight and is great for any sized hookah whether your pipe stands at 15 inches or 40 inches. This is fully washable and is the perfect gift for those who are in tune with modern design. We also recommend this hose for those who already have an Apple-On-Top bowl or Carbon-1 Stem to make the perfect match.

5. HJ Knurl Silicone Hose

Another new creation by HJ! The Knurl Hose is definitely a heavy hitter! The handle on this hose alone weighs a solid 1.2 LB. This is for those who love solid metal in black and we mean pitch black. Comparable to a baton, the Knurl handle is 16 inches in length and is attached to a 60 inch soft touch silicone. The drag on this guy is smooth and strong while maintaining a wide draw. For those who already use H-J products, quality is a huge deal for the company and for that reason, these are manufactured in California, USA. We recommend this accessory for those who want a solid hose to match their modern pipe while keeping the full quality of smoke sessions in a compact designed product. This hose comes in 4 different styles so choose 1 and enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed this post on our top 5 hoses made for hookah in 2023! This post was thought out through in order to help you make a decision on your next hookah hose purchase. We hope we helped you in understanding which product is best for your hookah set up. If you have any comments or questions, please be sure to comment below! 

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