Best Hookah Bowls in 2023

Top 3 Best Bowls Made For Hookah Smoking In 2023

Guide For The Top 3 Shisha Bowls of 2023

No that we are a few months into the year and are getting prepared for new bowls to approach us, let us sit back for a second and take a look at our top 3 best hookah bowls of 2023 so far! From a large range of bowl types we have narrowed down our top 3 sellers from this year. Each shisha bowl is individually unique with its own design and materials used in production. From metal types to high quality American made clay bowls, functionality varies based on a consumers preferences and requirements. Let us guide you to the 3 shisha bowls of the year that check off the list of high standards in quality including longevity, heat resistance and durability.

Best Bowls

  1. Alpaca Apache Hookah Bowl
  2. Hookah John Retro Harmony Hookah Bowl
  3. AppleOnTop Shisha Bowl

1- Alpaca Apache Bowl

Alpaca Apache Bowl For Shisha

The Alpaca Apache hookah bowl is one of our top selling and best bowl for a reason! With its high quality and thick USA Clay materials (white stone clay), the Apache bowl is a heat resistant shisha bowl allowing you to prolong your shisha sessions with flavourful clouds of smoke. The Alpaca Apache shisha bowl is also very popular due to its beautiful glaze variants. The colours coated on each shisha bowl are breathtaking. This hookah bowl also features a traditional Egyptian clay bowl interior including 7 air flow vents so that it is easy to inhale when taking a drag of smoke.

2- HookahJohn Retro Harmony Bowl

Hookah John Harmony Retro Bowl

The Retro Harmony bowl by HookahJohn is another favourite shisha bowl. With its unique design and high quality clay, the Harmony Retro bowl allows you to use less shisha tobacco being slightly shallow while retaining heat perfectly for a good 1 hour session. This is a phunnel hookah bowl which means you will achieve an open draw as bonus for those big clouds. No restrictions at all. The HJ Retro Harmony shisha bowl also comes in a variety of different glazes and fits all major hookah heat management devices & HMD's such as the Kaloud Lotus I+, Oduman Ignis and AOT Provost

3- Apple On Top Hookah Bowl

Apple On Top Head For Shisha


The AppleOnTop hookah bowl is on the top 3 hookah bowl list for a reason. Being around for over 10 years now, the apple head bowl is still around. This is one of the few bowls that are manufactured out of aluminum but still distribute heat at an even level. The Apple On Top hookah bowl has a silicone sleeve surrounding the aluminum vortex interior core which allows to preserve heat as aluminum tends to cool off quite fast. This allows for even distribution of heat and longevity throughout your smoke sessions. The AOT also does not require foil as it includes its own vented aluminum screen to carry your charcoal. Also to mention, the AOT bowl is as durable as they get, no need to worry when travelling with this bowl. AppleOnTop bowls come in a variety of colours, so you get to choose your favourite when pairing it with your hookah. The Apple hookah bowl by AOT also has it own heat management device and expandable tray for the perfect hookah heat stabilization and management.

Top Shisha Bowls For Thick Clouds 

So there you have it folks. These bowls were the three top selling and best performing hookah bowls of 2023 at Oxide Hookah! Based on performance, the fitment and compatibility of an HMD and the prolongation of a hookah shisha session, these top 3 all include these features and will satisfy your needs. These hookah heads will also give you those thick smoke clouds! We hope you enjoyed this quick guide. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or questions in the section below!

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