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Buy Shisha in Edmonton

by Oxide Hookah 09 May 2019
Shisha Edmonton

Shisha Edmonton Shop

So you are looking to buy a hookah in Edmonton but do not know where to start! You are on your smartphone browsing online, googling search terms like hookah places near me but the only thing that keeps popping up are all of these hookah bars in Edmonton. There are all of these various smoke shops that carry bongs for cannabis and shops for old fashioned tobacco pipes but where can you purchase an authentic hookah? Luckily you ended up searching for the right terms and finally reached a website that can offer all your hookah related needs. Oxide Hookah is a shisha shop in Canada where you can buy a hookah online from the best brands.

The Best Shisha Place In Edmonton

Oxide Hookah is Canada's leading hookah shop offering you products like Khalil Mamoon Hookahs, HookahJohn Accessories & authentic Apple On Top products. The best part about you being in Edmonton is that we happen to be located in Calgary! Shipping times typically only take 1 business day and shipping rates are so cheap! We offer a flat shipping rate of $13.99 to all hookah Edmonton orders or free shipping for orders $175 or more. If you happen to be travelling to Calgary Contact Us and we will schedule a date for you to pick-up your order at a pick up spot within Calgary! Feel free to view our products and place an order! 

What Is a Hookah?

Hookahs are water pipes designed for tobacco pipe smoking. Hookah pipes are also used for cannabis culture. Hookah smoking was first introduced in the Middle East & Asia & has become a trend in western culture. Shisha is flavoured tobacco or herbal molasses manufactured specifically for hookah bongs. A hookah is designed out of multiple components and parts. Below are the parts of a hookah.

Parts Of A Hookah

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