Wooden Pipe

Oxide Hookah offers the best wooden pipe collection for shish pipe tobacco smoking! Check out our collection of the best wood pipe collection by Regal hookah & more.

Regal Wooden Pipes For Hookah

New Wooden Tobacco Pipes

We are happy to announce that Oxide Hookah is an exclusive retailer for wooden tobacco pipes for Regal Hookah USA. Regal hookah makes hand made tobacco smoking pipes for shisha use. These hand made wooden pipes are shaped and manufactured with the use of exotic woods & materials. The company is an American establishment that is highly reputable among hookah smokers. You can also use these wooden water pipes for regular tobacco use & cannabis culture.

King Of Wooden Pipes For Hookah Smoking

Regal hookah is known to be the originator of manufacturing wooden tobacco pipes for shisha tobacco use & molasses. The company is based out of sunny San Diego, California, USA and has been in business since 2009. The Regal also manufactures its own tobacco pipe accessories. Check out the Regal hookah collection and get your wood pipe here today!

Regal Wooden Smoking Pipe Collection

Regal Prince Wood Pipe

The smallest of the Regal Hookah family. Available in three variants of Pinewood, Nut-wood & redwood.

Regal Queen Wooden Pipe

Mid-size tobacco smoking pipe from Regal hookah USA. Available in 3 variants of Redwood, Nut-Wood & Pine.

Regal King Wooden Hookah

The largest of the royal family. This wooden smoking pipe is also available in Nut-wood, Redwood & Pine.

Regal Wooden Tobacco Pipes For Sale

Go and pick up your brand new wooden shisha pipe at the best hookah retailer in Canada. Whether you tend to use this for pipe tobacco use, hookah shisha or cannabis culture, we guarantee that you will love these exotic & luxury water pipes.