Hookah Hose Adapter

Oduman Hose Adapter

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$17.99 CAD
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This hookah hose adapter is now available at Oxide Hookah. Love your new Oduman hookah but miss your old hose? No worries, we have a solution for you. This new hose adaptor is a simple hookah accessory that you simply screw on to your Oduman branded hookah pipe and voilà, you are good to use any shisha hose with your beautiful Turkish glass hookah. 

Hose Adaptor Features

  • Made in Turkey
  • Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with all standard hoses

Adapter Compatibility 

This hookah hose adapter is compatible with the following pipes

  • N2 Model
  • N3 Model
  • N4 Model
  • N5 Model
  • N2 Travel Model
  • N5-Z Junior Model

Customer Reviews

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Sasha B
Highly recommend if you own an oduman

Great accessory. I can use any hose with this on my oduman pipe.